best pubg tricks

2018 was a great year for PUBG aka Player Unknown BattleGrounds Mobile. Ever since it came out with its ‘mobile’ version in 2018 on Play Stores for Android and iOS every gamer has gone crazy. It was one of the top trending games 2018. Did you know an average Indian spend 8 hour of their lives, per week, playing this game? Me neither! I mean I have found out about this whilst researching about the history of PUBG, apparently. For those who are newbies in this game I doubt most of you had an idea that PUBG was at first a PC game prior debuting as PUBG Mobile? If you knew, great- if you didn’t, well, there you go. Moreover, it was launched for Xbox and play stations, as well. Though I’m here to tell about some new pubg tricks or best pubg tricks that would assist you in your gameplay.

best pubg tricks

Those of you who are still trying to get to know the game- have no idea what PUBG is, however, still playing it- this information is apt for you! In simple language PUBG is a multiplayer game in which 100 players drop by parachute on an island by their choice. The last one to survive gets the ‘chicken dinner.’ During the battle you have to collect essentials such as armour, guns, med kits, etc. However, be sure to be in the safe zone; there’s a blue circle that surrounds the area within every 2-3 minutes. The player outside the safe-zone would die quickly due to the damage consumed.

Surviving till last matters more than the number of people you have killed throughout the game. If you want to have a higher ranking, it is recommended you play more. Now, wasting any minute, let me get you thru the best pubg tricks that would help you survive and take that chicken dinner with you!

How to play pubg for beginners? Best Pubg tricks

  1. Adjust Your Game Settings

best pubg tricks 2019

This is important; before you head to the game, you must adjust specific settings that would amplify your whole PUBG game experience. What are pubg mobile best settings? Let’s find out-

  1. Select Right Graphics Quality


best pubg tricks

It is crucial to know about the specification of your phone. Pubg is a graphic concerned game, and so if your phone is using graphics that are set to HDR or HD and Frame Rates to Ultra or High, you would encounter countless lag or frame drops. Hence, select graphic settings as per your phone’s limit. Go to the game Setting icon- Graphics and adjust. Keep the auto adjust turned on, it automatically reduces the graphic setting during a performance drop, just in case.

Pubg mobile secrets

3. Check Server Ping or Change Server

PUBG mobile runs on the internet and you could say almost everything contingent upon its servers. So, before you start the game, check the server ping. What is server ping, you ask- it is generally time taken for bullets in order to shoot from your phone after you have pushed the trigger. Tencent at present proffering 5 servers in PUBG, each server consist different ping times. Choose a server that has the lowest ping time such as 30ms or less. However, if you’re a person of statistic then stick to one server only. To select, click select mode that’s below the ‘start’ button, and at the top left corner is the server option.

Best spots to find loot in PUBG Erangle Map

Military Base

  • Georgopol
  • Novorepnoye
  • Mylta Power
  • School
  • Severny
  • Mylta
  • Pochinki
  • Mansion

Best spots to find loot in PUBG Miramar Map

  • Pecado
  • Prison
  • Campo Militar
  • Hacienda del Patron
  • Los leones

Best spots to find loot in Sanhok Map

  • Bootcamp
  • Pai Naan
  • Paradise Resort
  • Ruins

Best spots to find loot in Vikendi Map

  • Villa
  • Tovar
  • Castle
  • Goroku
  1. Always keep an eye on Mini-Map

Always look at the minimap that on the top right corner of the screen; it is really helpful. You could learn about the enemy around you. When you hear footsteps the map would show you a red dot on the map. If the red dot is smaller in size it means the enemy is far off, however, if the size gets bigger and the footsteps are louder than before, prepare yourself to shoot them. The larger the red dot, nearer the enemy is.

This is amongst the best pubg tricks to find out about the car movements, gunshot’s direction, and enemy’s location. Furthermore, it provides update concerning safe zone area & the timing.

  1. Pick a gun quickly

Pick a gun as soon as you land and look for weapons, and only after that go for the loot. Since you don’t want to get killed with nothing in your hands. Once you have acquired a gun, pick up the medi kits, energy drink and booster. It is recommended if you don’t rush to kill an enemy; especially the newbies who in excitement to kill enemy ended up killing themselves.

First get yourself enough sources that would last till you survive and grenades- don’t forget the grenades! Grenades and smoke comes handy for the last circle. The new pubg trick I have learned is that dropping attachments from your bag, items that you no longer require, is quite beneficial. As some items unnecessarily takes a lot of space.

Pubg tips and tricks advanced

  1. Best PUGB mobile Guns

Guns in PUBG are as important as your skills in the game. There various types of guns and ammunitions that could be found in the game. Categorised as Assault rifles, snipers, Designated Marksman Rifle (DMRs), SMGs (short machine guns), Pistols, Light guns, and Shot guns.

However, all these gun’s fire rate, range to hit the enemy, bullet speed range, and damage rates varies. Above all, you also need to about how much of a recoil does the gun makes, otherwise you could miss fire your shot and might end up getting killed by letting the enemy know about your location.

  1. Choose Right Gun for Right Situation

Having a right gun at the most perfect situation is a blessing in PUBG. You may come thru numerous guns in the game, lying on the floor throughout the game; however, you could only take one pistol and 2 guns to carry around. Therefore, you must pick your guns carefully- each weapon in this game has its own advantages and disadvantages. The best pubg tricks here would be using an amalgamation of sniper with 8x scope, and an automatic rifle with 2x scope (it is apt to kill your target with low scopes.)

  1. Shift between Auto and Single Shots

Shifting your gun’s fire rate in between your battle could make a hell lot of difference! Most players, especially the amateurs don’t know about this new pubg trick- that with some guns auto mode works perfect whilst certain guns are better when used in single mode. Though it may have been old by now but it might be fresh for some of you guys, who knows! The single mode is suitable when you’re aiming at your target at medium to long distances.

Since recoil effect is lower in single mode- meaning- you have a greater chance to hit your enemy than in auto mode. Hence, during close encounter with your enemy switch to single mode and auto mode when you’re trying to hit the target from afar. Try this best pubg tricks and let me know in the comments, if it worked for you.

  1. Shoot only when you intend to kill

This isn’t any new pubg trick nor one of the best pubg tricks, however, a suggestion. While spectating in the game, I have seen several players shooting when they don’t intend to kill them. And I suppose you all know what would happen to such players the next moment. Don’t go crazy with the bullets, sometimes you aren’t in much luck to find enough bullets for your gun. I have been thru this phase once, where I wasted 50 bullets in order to kill the target that couldn’t be seen from a 6x scope even. Later I was left with hardly 80 bullets and at the last moment I got shot since in didn’t have much bullet.

So, my advice to you is only hit your enemy at closer distance. Since hitting a target that’s not in your range is a tough task to follow. Beat the trigger only when your enemy is stable or else you’d end up providing your location to the enemy, instead acquiring a kill.

Another best pubg tricks is using of smoke grenades while reviving your teammate so that the enemy cant spot you. And, if you’re sure about your target’s location then throw the frag grenade on them. Ensure to keep the grenade timing very little, for instance, lose the grenade at 3 seconds sharp.

  1. Use the eye button

Maximum players don’t make a complete use of the ‘eye’ button throughout the battle in PUBG mobile. If you’re one of them, start using as frequent as you can. Using the eye would help you check around when you’re running towards your location. You could use it whilst on cover or camping in the grass to check if someone is aiming at you.

Every time PUBG update has hit the play store, doesn’t matter how big the size of the new update is- players would do it! If you keep these pubg tip and tricks in mind as mentioned above. These tricks would certainly be of great help in making you a greater performer in the game. These are genuinely the best pubg tricks I have encountered, though it may take a while to get used to some of the new pubg tricks I have talked about. However, once you’d get used to it you will soon acquire most chicken dinner.

Those who play PUBG on PC, we have a content on best keyboard for gamers, as well! Feel free to check them out.

If we have missed any more interesting pubg tips & tricks then do let me know in the comment section down below!

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