summer gadgets to keep you cool

Are you looking for the products to keep you cool in hot weather? We all want to survive the summer’s merciless heat that is looking forward to melt us all. Aren’t we? Well, thankfully, we have a list of few summer gadgets to keep you cool – things to keep you cool while working in the heat.

 Top 10 summer gadgets to keep you cool

  1. Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad cooling towel- $9.99

Rinse the towel in cold water and cover it around your neck; it is one of the wearable cooling products that let you stay cool out in the sun. The company claims that the towel would decrease the temperature of the surroundings by 30 degrees, and it could work for straight 4 hours prior needing to be soaked again. It comes in variant colors as well.

  1. Bud light cooler/ Bluetooth speaker- $29.99

This is one of the amazing summer gadgets to keep you cool from the summer heat. Though, this portable cooler won’t be of best quality, however, it will help you to keep your beers cold, whilst playing your favorite songs. The Bluetooth speaker doesn’t offer a high quality sound, though it could offer you with light entertainment. You could even connect your phone or tablet via Bluetooth speaker.

  1. AZCoolmist Fan ring- $26.50

This misting ring provides a fine steam of water, which could be attached to your fan- letting you endure the artificial cooling air.

  1. Intex inflatable pool- $22.84

Sometimes you’re too lazy to get out of your house to spend your summer day in a swimming pool. Well, the Intex inflatable pool is one of the products to keep you cool in hot weather; this would be a perfect getaway pool for those who don’t want to go out of their house during summers. It could easily house more than two family members. It comes with a repair patch kit as well, in case it gets punctured.

5. Hydracy fruit-infuser water bottle- $17.97

Change the taste of your water. The small holes inside this water bottle allows you to add different flavors by putting strawberry, lemons, mint or anything, whatever your preferences are. It is surely the best products to keep you cool in hot weather. The bottle has a protective cover that helps your beverages stay cool and comes with a recipe book that contains 25 drinking recipes. Moreover, the bottle comes in different colors.

Products to keep you cool in hot weather

6.     Wham-O Slip ‘N Slide Wave Rider 16 inch-$12.48

Let your kids enjoy the summer in this wave rider. It might not be the cooling gadgets for hot weather; however, it will be a great summer toy for your kids. Once it’s wet with a stable flush of water, this 16 inch wave rider let you go sliding down your backyard meeting a mini pool at the. It comes with an inflatable boogie board and 2 repair-pads. This toy is suitable for 5-12 years old, and those who weigh less than 110 pounds.

7.     Kids’ sprinkler fire hydrant- $11.99

Attach your garden tubes to this fire hydrants and look at it spray water up to 8 ft high in the air. Furthermore, the tip of the hydrant rotates 360 degree, which will make your kids enjoy summer, while running under the streams.

  1. Opolar clip fan- $29.99 

Portable fan could be one of those summer gadgets to keep you cool. It rotates 360 degrees both vertically and horizontally along with three speed settings. The automatic timer would turn the fan off after the specified set of time.  Its inbuilt 5,200mah battery could keep the fan on up to 48 hours, depend upon the setting you chose.

  1. Dyson table fan

Keeping the noise pollution in mind, the dyson table fan is designed as a bladeless table fan by the makers. It is a quieter and works with a brushless DC motor that eats up 30% less energy. Above all, it is safe to work with and easy to clean and can change its direction all over a room. What could be better than a noiseless summer gadgets to keep you cool.

  1. Handheld portable USB air conditioner- $10

This portable ac was initially designed for strollers, however, people use for almost everything. It could run with a battery or a USB chord. You only need to add cold water and clip it to any facet and watch it doing its magic. You could even control it from its several cooling option.

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