disadvantages of vegan lifestyle

We all want to lead a lifestyle with healthy body habits, however, fails to do so! To all the non-vegetarians out there let’s face it, you all have heard, once in your lifetime from your ‘vegan’ friend how beneficial it is to be a VEGAN, or how vegan diet benefits your lifestyle! I mean OK, the whole earth agrees to this statement, however, there are some disadvantages of vegan lifestyle, as well. YES! You heard it, being vegetarian has its disadvantages, though you could overcome it. Today, we’ll be discussing about the disadvantages of being vegan, and how sometimes these claimed ‘healthy lifestyle secret diets‘ could affect your body.

10 potential disadvantages of being vegan

  1. Not consuming enough protein

One of the biggest disadvantages of vegan lifestyle is that you don’t get enough protein, or some think of it that way. Fortunately, this isn’t much of greater concern; you would find some hidden, high proteins such as tempeh, cottage cheese, food combining, tofu, and nuts.

  1. Disadvantages of vegan lifestyle-You can’t eat out

Eating out is the hardest part a vegan has to do. Since most restaurants give attention to non-vegetarians, and their vegetarian menus are limited to a few items only. Sadly, eliminating meat from your dish doesn’t mean you’re eating healthy, and have a balanced diet. Based on this sole reason- if you eat out, every day, you probably won’t get the proper nutrition your body seeks.

In order to overcome this situation, ask anyone in the restaurant if they have anything that contains rich proteins; several restaurants have eggs, rice, avocados, beans, and nuts in their kitchen. If you go to restaurants often, avoid taking dishes that have carbs and cheese in them.

Most importantly ask the restaurants what type of oil they use. Why? Because they use animal fats for deep –frying the dish, or the dishes such as re fried beans or rice might come with animal fats. The best option for the vegans would be bringing their own food from home. This way they could avoid slipping into any mishap with their diet.

Flaws of veganism

  1. Dinner rendezvous becomes a Q&A concerning your eating choices.

If you’re going out with your friends, you need to ensure that your friends DO know about your diet! Because you don’t want to keep reminding them about you being vegan. Disadvantages of being vegan are that you have to alert the host of your diets, that too at least a week in advance. If you go thru such a situation, ask your friend what are they putting in the menu and then proffer a veg course that could be made easily.

The most common disadvantages of being a vegan are that people start asking stupid questions such as why you’re a vegan, why did you go for this dish, what makes you go vegan, etc. answer them calmly, graciously, and briefly. They would surely leave you with that.

  1. Having Family & friends with different eating habits

Another disadvantages of being vegan are making your pure non vegetarian family understand about your decision. Some friends and family members would congratulate you, whilst some would challenge your decision straight away. You’d meet people that don’t consider animal products such as fish or pork, or chicken aren’t meat, or maybe meet some who don’t have much knowledge of vegetarianism.

However, don’t panic in such situations, fight these circumstances in quiet nature. Grow your network with other vegans in order to discuss the matter that commences and offer mutual support.

Health disadvantages of being a vegan

  1. You can’t skip foods on holidays

Disadvantages of vegan lifestyle are that you cannot have that delicious thanksgiving food, turkey or that ham for Easter. Some are so deeply attached to these traditions that they might even break their vegan lifestyle for holidays. Since you’re actually not celebrating your holidays if you haven’t had that delicious turkey during Thanksgiving.

  1. Vegetarians and Cooking

Disadvantages of Being Vegan

It is easy to become a vegan than actually to stay put to your decision; because it isn’t easy to follow a vegan lifestyle. One of the biggest disadvantages of being vegan is that you’re gonna need a very good recipe book that has all the basic and simple recipes in it. You have to be creative with your cooking when it comes to vegan dishes. If you’re not an expert in the kitchen then you, my friend, need to start watching cooking videos on YouTube ASAP.

However, don’t panic! There are obviously some disadvantages of vegan lifestyle that doesn’t mean cooking would be as hard as making something out of a rock. Easy and simple meals such as scrambled eggs with some veggies are meat free and easy to cook. Though there are tons of recipes on the internet, you’d find easy to cook.

  1. Vegetarians Need to Take the Time to Read Labels

If you have decided to become a vegan start incorporating reading labels into your daily routine. Several food items comprise animal oils or fats. And vegans are one step ahead of all, and they try to avoid as much item as they could that consist of animal fats or oil. Products such as gelatine, glues, soaps, leather clothing are a no-no for the vegans; these lists are just a beginning.

  1. Vegetarian’s Meal Choices Can Seem Limited

Newly made vegan are always in fear of not having wide options. They seem confused with their choice of being vegan initially since most restaurants have meat in their menus.

Though there’s nothing to be afraid of, you could add new food or recipe every week, and it would help you in expanding your vegetarian diet vernacular in a course that doesn’t feel bad.

Unbiased vegan information

  1. Lower levels of vitamin B12:

Another disadvantages of vegan lifestyle are that there is a risk of having lower levels of vitamin B12 in the blood. B12 assists with utilising iron, metabolism, converting food into stable energy, producing healthy blood red cells, etc.

disadvantages of vegan lifestyle

And according to the experts, low B12 levels could result in arteriosclerosis. Numerous vegan-friendly products such as cereals are equipped with vitamin B12. If you’re consuming dairy and eggs, you are probably gaining a sufficient amount of B12. For those who are going without dairy and eggs could go for yeast extracts. It is a good option for vegans.

  1. 10. Insufficient levels of omega-3 fatty acids:

A report published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition asserted that disadvantages of being vegan include a low level of omega-3 fatty acids, specifically EPA and DHA. An adequate level of long-chain omega 3 fatty acids is good for cardiovascular health.

If this article on disadvantages of being vegan raising concerns for you then don’t worry there are plenty of solutions to this issue. Some even suggest being a flexitarian. A flexitarian is someone who leads a vegan lifestyle, however, once in a while would intake meat.

The thing is- the disadvantages of vegan lifestyle includes a lot of precautions and monitoring; the more restrictive diet, the more you have to be careful with what you’re consuming. It is better if you consult a dietitian to ensure you’re not under any jeopardy concerning your diet.

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