Can you imagine buying a headphone worth $1000? I mean, why you would even, right? However, there are people who do buy headphones that cost $5000 or more. The affluent sections of the community are engaged in buying quality products irrespective of the price ranges. Let us find out what are the most expensive headphones 2018

World’s most expensive headphones 2018

  1. JH audio JH16 $1,149

most expensive headphones 2018

One of the most expensive headphones 2018, JH audio JH16 equipped with excellent sound quality and the only reason it is this expensive is that of its custom ear molds feature. If you want to make, your beau feel much special, gifting them the JH16 headphones is a great way to show your affection to them. However, it is a bit expensive; besides, not all of us could afford to have a pair of headphones worth $1000. For those who can, definitely can go for this.

  1. Hifiman HE 6

most expensive headphones 2018

With a price tag of $1,299, Hifiman integrated with two striking features. It offers a natural swirl of sound, incorporated an open design and occupied with magnetic shape with a flat figure. It is amongst those ‘must have gadgets’ for the people who have a deep love for music.




  1. Technica ATH- W500

The most highlighted feature of this most expensive headphones 2018 is the magnesium alloy frame. It has the best sound quality when it comes to audio, with a price tag of $1,200. The Technica ATH-W500 has a captivating look and beautiful embellishment.

  1. Beyerdynamic

This headphone is a Tesla technology based sturdy headphone that provides strong grip with powerful sound quality. Encompassed with transducer bass, Beyer dynamic designed with ring magnet of neodymium and exhibit aspects of the magnetic field. These features make it the most expensive headphones 2018 with a price value of $1,399.

  1. Sennheiser HD800

Sennheiser is for sure a high-end brand for headphones; the HD800 is not only an expensive headphone along its gigantic appearance, however, does a fantastic job when it comes to sound quality. Priced at $1,500 the headphone equipped with a massive and firm sensor allowing greater sound clarity.

Most expensive headphones 2018

  1. Grado PS1000

For those who are a fan of bass of thumping quality, Grado PS1000 is the one for you. It is an elite range of headphone produced by the Grado family. The headphone comes with a metal alloy sported by wood that is well-defined and depicts a vintage yet trendy look.  The market value of the Grado PS1000 is $1,695.

  1. Audeze LCD-3

LCD-3 contemporary integration flat magnetic located in its interior base that provides an earpiece of extensive features and offers the feel of an audio power that is pretty rare. This exclusive headphone priced at $1,945, making it the most expensive headphones 2018. When it comes to performance, it is of the best quality and attracts the opulent section of the society.

  1. Stax SR-009

With a price tag of $4,450, this visually striking designed headphone is the best as well as the most expensive headphones 2018. Like the Audeze headphones, Stax incorporated a magnetic actuator as well, however, with much compound design. The sound quality delivers an excellent clarity.

  1. Ultrasone Edition 5

Priced at $4,999, the Ultrasone Edition 5 is titanium coated, which set up to 40mm unit and the frame designed with oak that incorporates seven layers of sealed wax and sheepskin from Ethiopia. This is an ultra- world’s most expensive headphones that not only offer best sound quality but utmost comfort to the listener’s ears.

  1. Abyss AB-1266

most expensive headphones 2018

Equipped with high-quality substance like aluminum mixed with carbon steel that exhibits an intricate design and sheepskin is utilized for the headphone cushions. To this date, there has been no brand that could compete with the sound quality of Abyss AB-1266. This elite product priced at $5,495, making the most expensive headphones 2018. The highlighting factor of this headphone is its robust aluminum metal with flat magnetic technology.

Even though these headphones come under the most expensive headphones 2018 category, if you can afford any of these, it would be a significant one-time investment in fact.



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