unexpected uses for everyday items

Imagine yourself slurping your coffee or tea-enjoying the view outside- pretending to be in a depressing movie and suddenly you realise this isn’t a dream at all! You are in a situation where you don’t know how to get out? You freak out and the next minute, you passed out. Suddenly, few minutes later you wake up, gasping for air; however, this time you’re actually in your bed. You then realise that was a nightmare. However, what if you really get stuck in a deserted place or maybe stung by a bee or cut yourself and you don’t know exactly what to do in such scenarios other than just panicking. Do you know, even the most prosaic things could come in handy and might save the day? It might be surprising for you to know that there are some unexpected uses for everyday items that could be proven to be a survival kit for you.

Here, we have 10 items that depict other uses for household items in a most amazing way:

List of things people use everyday

  1. Credit card

unexpected uses for everyday items

Credit card isn’t only useful for paying the bills and buying expensive goods and chattels. It proves to come in handy at situations such as to pull out the sting of a bee sting or a thorn. Push the card upward towards the sting/thorn to pull it out.

  1. Tuna can for ‘light’

A can of tuna not only assists in satiating the hunger, however, houses enough oil within the can to burn the candle for good 2-3 hours. Since, running out of candles while desperately needing for one is a task I tell you- you can’t just anticipate spending the night in the darkness.

You only require to make a tiny cotton wick and make a hole, small enough on top of the can to insert the cotton wick. Dip it in and let it sink in for a while until it reaches the tip of the cotton wick. If the thought of tuna would be spoiled is killing you then don’t worry it won’t ruin tuna.

Everyday items in your house

  1. Lip balm as a candle? Say what?!

unexpected uses for everyday items

Yap, you read it right. Now you’ll care to have a lip balm in your purse even more because they not only act as a candle but helps in amplifying the room’s temperature a bit higher. This could be helpful at times of emergency situations.

Tie a piece of cloth on top of the balm and light it up. It will act as your candle and roll up the entire balm’s stick up to restrict it from burning the house down. Though it won’t light up for many hours- 2 hours maximum is its lifespan, you could say.

  1. Super glue

What, how and why someone would make such unexpected uses for everyday items? If you’re thinking this, you won’t from now on. Super glue could come handy during emergency situations. If ever you cut yourself while doing any work that included knife or any sharp objects- to stop the bleeding apply a thin layer of super glue. This way it would prevent the blood from flowing and getting affected.

However, you need to be very cautious while applying the glue; apply the glue in a small quantity otherwise it might cause a burning sensation and start itching if the glue goes inside the wound. And, you wouldn’t want to make things more complicated at such situations by letting the glue enter the skin.

Unexpected uses for everyday items

  1. Bra cups

This might sound a bit eerie but experts proclaim that in emergency situations where you’re having difficulty in breathing due to smoke, debris or dusts bra cups could save your life.

Bra cups could help you breath and blocks choking. Experts asserted that bra cups assist in averting toxic particles from going into your respiratory system as they conceal your nose and mouth perfectly.

Things we use everyday life

  1. Vinegar

Another item that is useful to heal your wounds is vinegar. Vinegar’s unexpected uses for everyday items might not have integrated healing of wounds I reckon. However, now that you discovered the fact, it could be used against small burns, minor infections and inflammation. It not only protects but works as a cleansing product.

Vinegar has therapeutic qualities as well- it could help ease your upset stomach when in pain or at the time of acidity.

  1. Condoms

Don’t be startled! Condoms can have unexpected uses for everyday items, such as they could be useful in preserving waters upto one gallons. Being flexible yet long lasting, condoms can be stretched easily and could be of help when there is nothing to hold water. They are excellent at retaining things dry as well.

  1. Shoelaces

It obviously come amongst under the list of things people use every day, I mean we wear shoes every day, duh! Though has anyone of us ever gave a second thought that these shoelaces could have an unexpected uses for everyday items? Shoe laces have several functions that could save you from tough circumstances.

Their well-known use is to tie up the laces between a tree or pillars. You could even use to ignite fire with the shoelaces. It could be done by using the bow and drill method and ensure the laces are tied in such a manner that when you saw to and fro in order to produce fire. Also Read:- How to create google photos love story?

There is a reason why hikers and explorers wear sneakers with a shoe lace.

  1. Socks

Besides keeping us warm and cosy, socks have unexpected uses for everyday items. For example, it could work as a repository of water at times of emergency situations. It may not purify the water as a whole, however, it may help to get rid of existing impurities and tiny living creatures, as well. Above all, you could trigger fire with the help of the lint of the socks and use them as gloves when your hands are cold.

  1. Glasses

If your friends tease you with your glasses it time for you to stop being aggravated over this fact. Your glasses could become your saviour one day in emergency situations. The foremost benefit of your glasses would be that it could generate fire just like what a magnifying glass does, using the sun rays. You’d need is to gather some paper or any dry, flammable material and place your glasses 1 foot away from it. Put the glasses in such a position so that the sun ray focuses on a tiny spot and gently blow on the tinder until it generates fire.

Glasses could be used to exhibit signals of danger or difficulty. If you remove the glasses you could make tools and hooks by bending the spectacle.

So, how many of these unexpected uses for everyday items amazed you? Share with us.


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