best car accessories for road trip

It doesn’t matter if the accessory you have installed in the car is for personal use or an entertainment purpose, there are few best car accessory for car that comes handy while emergencies. From gel padded cushions to fix-a-flat to power bank, we are here with top 15 best car accessories for road trip, the best accessory for car and cool car accessories for guys.

Best accessory for car

Ztylus stinger

This is the best accessory for car, especially at the time of accidents. This device is made to break your car’s window or dashboard when the doors are jammed to enable quick exit. This accessory has a thin blade on the backside of the gadget that aids in slice through the jammed seat-belts.

Fobo tire plus

Properly inflated tires increase the lifespan of your rubber as well as fuel. Instead of using a handheld pressure gauge to make sure your tires are adequately pumped up, the Fobo tire plus system uses a chain of Bluetooth gauges that transmitted this information to your Smartphone directly. What’s better than that? This gadget would be the best car accessories for road trip.

Scosche USB charger

After gathering many gadgets for your car, you’d need a charger to charge the devices. The Scosche USB charger has come as a savior for you all. It not only charges the tools, but also allows two devices to charge at once. It is the best accessory for car that releases a subtle, blue glow while charging. For sure there are many USB ports available with more port, however, with this price point and budget-friendly tag, the Scosche USB charger makes it the best car accessories for road trip as well.

Dash cam

The dash cam is an excellent tool when it comes to checking faults after an accident. The device captures crystal clear images with 1440p video and 30 fps. It will keep you safe in a way; moreover, you can use it to make videos when you drive through the scenic area.

Park-Zone PZ-1600

It becomes difficult for most of us to accumulate as to how far you have to pull up in smaller parking garages. This device exhibits simple traffic signals that let you know when you have pulled up far enough, without any failed guesswork. Isn’t it the best accessory for a car?

Cool car accessories for guys

Rear view mirror ornament

Give your car a bit of a fresh look by adding this Zinc Alloy Horn Rear View Mirror Hanging Accessory. By hanging this in your car, it will give you that new, unique look to the interior of your car. It works as one of the cool car accessories for guys.

Alcohol detector

Cool car accessories for guys

This is by far the best and one of a cool car accessories for guys who don’t want to get caught drinking when you’re driving yourself home. The alcohol detector would help you with this issue with the keychain breathalyzer. It is designed to be small enough to fit onto your keychain and will give an exact counting result of your blood alcohol concentration in 5 seconds. You can drink without worrying about the fact going over the limit.

Heads up display

This cool gadget is a great way to upgrade safety behind the wheels. It can display the data such as temperature and speed from the dashboard on to the windshield so that your eyes are on the road all the time.

It’s a perfect and one of the cool car accessories for guys and other people who are driving for the first time and do not want to take off their eyes off the road by looking at the dashboard. Just put the head up display on the, and it will show you all the details, and you’ll drive your home safely.

Eagle air vent phone holder

Cool car accessories for guys

Guys with a great sense of style can put this into use. This decorative phone holder comes in different colors as well.  The eagle-shaped design phone holder can only be put into your air vent where you can put your phone and allows you to drive hands-free. You can adjust the wings of the eagle to hold devices ranging from 3.5-5.5 inches wide.

Super ceramic coating

This one is for the guys who are car fanatics and drives the car every day. The super ceramic coating builds a thin layer of protection; it not only protects your car paint but saves you from spending hours on removing those mud paints and the UV rays. It’s good news for the lazy guys that this ceramic coating can be applied quickly. also read:- Top 10 old school games that reminds of your childhood.

at OrganizerBest car accessories for road trip

best car accessories for road trip

While going on a road trip with your family, keep this backseat organizer to keep your children occupied. The polyester backseat organizer that bears tablets and other gadgets and comes with bin storage pockets to keep your car clean. It comes with bigger packets to store bulky items as well and above all the back of the organizer is waterproof which will hold any fluid leakage. With a price of only $19, this would fit perfect as the best car accessories for road trip.

The emergency kit

You never know when you’ll meet the worst situation while having a road trip. This AAA emergency kit comes with every emergency supplies you’d need such as the flashlight, an 8-gauge booster cable, Aponchoa and a 19 piece of first aid kit is one of the best car accessories for road trip.

Waterproof camera case

Nobody knows when Mother Nature starts swinging its ‘nature’ mood, so you have to be prepared for everything. While on road trips, clicking pictures are a necessity and sometimes it happens that it started raining and damages your camera. This waterproof camera will save you your device from getting ruined. It is UV-resistant, dust-proof and also provides zoom control when it is inside the case. We can’t count this one as the best car accessories for road trip, but it sure is an essential item that we thought of inserting in our list.

Power inverter

The BESTEK power inverter is the size of a smartphone that gives you outlets of two 110V AC along with two USB ports for charging. It has an inbuilt fan that protects it from overheating and consists of a metal housing that protects it from damages.

Aukey 2000mAh power bank

best car accessories for road trip

The most important device while taking a road trip is a power bank. This 200 mAh power bank will charge you iPhone 4x. It has USB ports which will allow both the passenger and the driver to keep their devices on 100%

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