3 new apple audio gadgets

From Apple’s iPod to its AirPods we have seen it transforming every year and delivering the better result. Apple has an excellent history when it comes to music and audio. The company never stopped reinventing its products, and it is all set to revolutionize the music industry once again with 3 new apple audio gadgets which are scheduled to be released by 2019. On June 25th Apple announced that it would be coming with its new & better airpods 3 by 2019.

3 new apple audio gadgets

  1. The new airpods 3 would include various features. Users can anticipate from these 3 new apple audio gadgets to have a noise cancellation along with water resistance features. These two features what users begged Apple to integrate into their new airpods 3. The water resistance feature would ensure your AirPods are safe while in the rain; however, it is not suitable to use while bathing or swimming.

3 new apple audio gadgets

Additionally, Apple is planning to include features from the Apple watch into its one of the 3 new apple audio gadgets, like the health-related hardware. That could indicate that the next 3 new apple gadgets could possess a heart rate monitor. You will get to see a new chip in the new airpods 3 either way alongside an augmented Bluetooth range.

The price of the 3 new apple audio gadgets has not yet released; however, it is probable to rise.

  1. Apple’s new over the ear headphones

3 new apple audio gadgets

Even though Apple owns the beats line of headphones currently, the company is all set to release its own over the ear headphones. It surely will be a high-end gadget and likely to compete with other brands except for the beats.  The company has not yet revealed what would they call this device, however, several speculations on the internet integrates many names.

This would be a must have gadgets for the people who are crazy over music; moreover, it will be a great option to gift your man as a cool gadgets for men who have everything.

  1. New & improved homepod apple

3 new apple audio gadgets

 One of the 3 new apple gadgets will be Apple’s HomePod. Though this device does have impressive specs, however, it failed to impress many. Even when the sales were low, Apple didn’t give up; rather it is doubling a bet since the sound produced by it is of pretty high quality.

Furthermore, apple homepod price has not yet been revealed; however, the company will likely release the device by 2019. Additionally, the report is that Apple will move its production from Inventec to Foxconn for its next model.

It’s time for all the Apple lovers to upgrade from their broken gadgets to Apple’s new devices.

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