smart home security gadgets 2019

You might have wondered once in your lifetime as to how to turn your home into a smart home? The smart home souk is growing swiftly. Thanks to the growing lists of smart gadgets- from voice-activated virtual assistants to smart bulbs to sensors on the water- that focuses on making your life easier. The most welcoming part of these smart home security gadgets 2019 is enhanced security, with products such as cameras and locks consistently developing more open and intelligent.

In order to assist you to discover the best smart home security gadgets 2019, we have accumulated 4 of our favorite high tech security gadgets that would help turn your abode into a digital castle.

Smart home gadgets 2019

The SimpliSafe Protect Home Security System- $270

The SimpliSafe home security system provides you with door and window sensors for your home. Its motion sensor could cover the whole room and has an alarm station and a keypad for ringing the alert and arming/disarming the system.

If you want to have a complete home security solution rather than only one, SimpliSafe is the best smart home security gadget 2019. It is combined with Amazon Alexa; you could use your voice command to use its functions, as well.

Ring Stick up Security Camera – $180

Owned by Amazon, Ring gives more security devices in the gadget industry, and the wireless security camera is one of them. It could be installed outdoor or indoor, records video in 1080p gives full HD quality. The camera looks for any motion, and the second it finds something in action, it immediately alerts the owner thru the Ring app. You could watch the camera’s live stream from your device anytime anywhere.

Smart home security gadgets 2019

Nest Hello Smart Doorbell- $200

This smart home security gadgets 2019 focuses on internal security. It links to the wires that fuel your doorbell and operates with the ring that already exists in your house. Once it’s ‘on’ you’d be able to work the Nest Hello from the Nest App. The app would show you what’s happening outside your house. It has the best smart alarm system.

When someone would ring your doorbell, Nest Hello would alert you on your phone, and you could watch the live feed as to who it is. This smart home security gadget 2019 has 2-way audio that lets you communicate with the person even when you’re far away. And the face tracker integrated within would let you recognize the face of the person standing at the door.

August smart lock pro-$280

The August Smart Lock Pro is one of the best smart home security gadgets 2019 in the gadget industry. You could place it on any door, and control its lock manually or via the app on your smartphone. It takes a min to install the whole thing, after that you could set a schedule for when you need to lock the door or unlock, and you could give the permanent digital keys to family members, as well. These star wars gadgets would give you the power of the force


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