new invention of 2019

Man has invented a lot of things, and since then, human development has gotten enough speed to make this world a place to live in a better way. And, as time passes, we have witnessed several technologies emerging which has made our lives much more accessible and simple. However, 2019 would be the most exciting years for tech geeks or enthusiasts (so to speak) with future revolutionary technologies and future inventions. Since some of the new invention of 2019 has been restricted to science-fiction films, they are yet to be expected to become the actuality of the real world.

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Check out our list of the new invention of 2019, which we discovered something magnificent to be anticipated in the upcoming future.

5 new inventions 2019

  1. Quantum Computers

new invention of 2019

Computing technology has transformed a lot, and we have observed various changes and developments- from room-sized computers to hand-held personal digital assistants and smartphones. It is time to move on to quantum computers. However, this new invention of 2019 is still under progress, and they have enough ability to take computing skills to the next level.

Quantum computers are compelling that are built to solve convoluted and intriguing laws of nature with the help of rules of quantum mechanics. This new invention of 2019 takes the AI to a whole new level by developing machines as a powerful learning tool.

  1. Self-healing Materials

The self-healing materials aren’t a new notion. Ancient Egyptians, Indians used this method in order to establish their temples, houses, and conventional structures that would last thru thousands of years. Self-healing materials are somewhat related to biological matters and act like human skin. Since they are fake or artificially created, self-healing substances have an inbuilt capability to automatically mend damages to themselves without any exterior analysis or human involvement.

  1. DNA Storage

new invention of 2019

Scientists have gone much ahead of their time by inventing DNA storage abilities by 100x. A group of researchers from the New York Genome Centre and Columbia University has developed a new coding plan, known as DNA Fountain.  It is a personalized version of the video streaming system on a smartphone.

  1. Reversing Paralysis

This new invention of 2019 could cure paralysis. Gregoire Courtine, a French neuroscientist, researches are giving hope for retreating paralysis affected by spinal cord injuries. He invented a ground-breaking technology that would create a small number of volts of electricity to galvanize the particular muscle.

École Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) – Swiss-based research company stated that the neuroprosthetic system ‘BSI’ links the spinal cord injury quickly and wirelessly. The chip construes and decodes the signal from the brain’s motor cortex and transfer information to the electrodes situated on the exterior of the lumbar spinal cord. The electrical simulation would control a specific group of neurons that could generate a particular muscle of the body.

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  1. AI Integrated Surveillance Systems

new invention of 2019

CCTV camera is the most trusted security systems. Most cases concerning criminal and instances of theft are solved via CCTV Footages. In school, offices, malls, and streets, every move is tracked and recorded. However, still, there are some restrictions with conventional CCTV. They aren’t that smart; they require human involvement and huge time consuming during the examination.

However, AI integrated surveillance systems are intelligent and smart. With the assistance of big data and deep- learning systems such as behavior and facial recognition security camera could forecast potential suspects, threats, and menace, and warn police and other emergency services.

These intelligent machines work without any help of human intervention. They could examine and trace people faces and their movements. Afterward, compare them to the National /security Database of wanted and suspected criminals. Significant companies such as Nvidia and Hitachi are allegedly working on Artificial Intelligence surveillance systems.

We hope you have enjoyed our content on the upcoming cool invention in 2019. Let us know if we have missed something on the new invention of 2019.


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