whatsapp new feature
whatsapp new feature

Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg recently announced in an F8 conference that whatsapp would soon be getting some new features. Let us take you through five whatsapp new feature that is going to launch soon.

Top 5 whatsapp new feature

Whatsapp group video calling

This whatsapp new feature has reached only selected users of Android & iOS and expected to be available soon to all. The feature allows the user to make group video calling on whatsapp. During the video call, one can add more people to the conversation by tapping on the small icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Request account info report

This feature allows a user to generate a report of their whatsapp account data and settings, which can be retrieved or transfer another app. However, the report doesn’t include personal messages of the user. Once you open the report, you’ll find your data, such as your prior IP connection, your phone number, device type, profile pictures, contact numbers, group names that you are in and contacts you have blocked.

Restrict group feature

The whatsapp new feature will allow the whatsapp group admins only, to send and give a response to the messages received in the group. The participants present in the group can only view and read the messages. This feature will also forbid the non-admins from sending any GIF, videos, photographs, voice messages or documents if the admin doesn’t permit them to do so.

Share Facebook posts to whatsapp

Facebook is allegedly testing a new feature for mobile which can allow Facebook contents to be shared on whatsApp. At the moment, there’s no confirmation regarding this new feature from Facebook and WhatsApp. However, several beta users claimed to have been using this feature on their Facebook app.

To work with this feature all you have to do is to tap on the share button on Facebook app and you’ll be given three options- share now, write a post and share on Whatsapp. For sharing any content via the Facebook tap on the ‘Send in whatsapp’, and a link will be created which can be shared amongst any WhatsApp contacts.

Chat filters

WhatsApp will add chat filters for the android business app that would help the admins of whatsapp business account look out for messages quickly. The chat filter option would incorporate unread messages, group and broadcast categories. The admin will only have to tap on the search bar to retrieve these data. With this whatsapp new feature, a business can expect to have smooth and timely communication with their essential clients to deliver better service.


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