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Using the right browser could make everything simpler in terms of browsing experience; whether your precedence is better security, faster performance, avoiding hackers, or more versatility via downloadable extension. However, there some other reasons as well for an average person to contemplate over the fact about using a secure browser in order to avoid any wrong. One of the infamous reason for an individual to use a secure browser is to dodge being hacked. Albeit, the malevolent campaigns focused on massive business, the average people could become a prey of hackers. Having the most secure browser could save your information being accumulated by giant internet companies like Google or Facebook.

What’s most secure web browser signifies?

A secure browser comprises feature such as URL filtering, downloading protection, and do not track- which has completely changed the conventional desktop browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

We have enlisted some of the most secure browsers of all time:

1:- Firefox

Firefox is a user- friendly, and the most secure browser that gets regular updates, lightweight with speedy performance, and has a pleasing user interface. Above all, it consumes 30% less memory than Google Chrome.

most secure browser

Though, there have been numerous controversial verdicts taken by Mozilla which became a major reason of disappointment amongst its fans and open-sourcers who have been with the undertaking since the beginning. Two of the most notorious ones were a plug-in emerging in users’ browsers without caution and consent called Looking Glass. This was later, came out to be a promotional plugin for TV series Mr. Robot. However, it was soon disabled by default.

Another cause of disappointment was a try-out with Cliqz, a privacy-dedicated browser that Mozilla spent on. fundamentally, Mozilla introduced an engine offered by Cliqz known as a Human engine to about 1% of users in Germany.

A user on Reddit explained this whole thing quite briefly- Human engine would rub users’ information. Though later it was anonymized, this prompted minor mayhem.

There are several divisions of Mozilla that assert to be privacy-focused, however, it is up for debate whether they are the most secure browser after all. Since their development teams are lesser than the sponsors to firefox’s code base.

2:- Tor

The grand master of secure browsers. It has become a slogan for the anti-surveillance programme since it developed on a whole setup of hidden transmit servers. As it bounces your connection via numerous distributed nodes, it cloaks the public IP address you are linking your internet with.

most secure browser

This customized Firefox could be installed on Mac, Windows or Linux. However, on a USB stick, as well, if desirable. One thing to keep in mind that Tor doesn’t offer the secure browsing feature; it is more of an enhanced privacy browser that enables the user to anonymize within the specific restriction.

The Tor plan offers a listing of do’s & don’t for working it securely, encompassing being extremely careful about downloading and accessing documents which need external app.

3:- Brave

Co-founder of Mozilla, Brenden Eich, proclaimed brave as an open source browser that proffers an adequate Chrome, Safari, and Firefox substitute.

It provides great speed and progressive ad-tracking controls, suitable for the privacy-conscious who is looking for a lightweight and most secure browser, as well.

most secure browser

It is available for Linux, Windows, and OS X users. Brave browser features HTTPS everywhere integration, ad blockers, blocks cookies, and has a dynamic developer community which always works on developing the browser.

Most secure browser

4:- Epic

Chromium-based- founded by Google- this open source web browser rids out every imaginable feature to extend privacy. It eradicates the trackers and cookies after every session, all searches are put in an order via firm’s own servers, and its endeavor to focus on SSL connections whenever possible. It comes with outstanding in-built ad blocking and above all, it doesn’t obtain any data about any user, whatsoever.

most secure browser

The only downside to this is its one-proxy slows down the browsing speed. Though machines with high-specs shouldn’t face any issue.

5:- Vpn Browser

Virtual private network (VPN) run by connecting two computers privately and securely across the internet. When you enter a URL after opening a browser, the request is then preside over to the VPN server. The server works as an intermediate, requesting the web page from the website and directing back to you.

most secure browser

VPN browser encrypts the data, which means others won’t be able to see the data exchanged. VPNs cloak the location of the client, as well.  Furthermore, it enables you to gain access to location- particular services in other countries. On the other hand, you wont have to worry about how to not get caught torrenting? Moreover, there are some free vpn for utorrent, if you want to be safe.

6:- Avast browser

One of the most secure browser that allows you to browse faster. It automatically blocks ad and let you encounter a smooth browsing. It has a tool that places all your tools in your own Privacy and Security center. With this, it’s simple to personalize your browser to your own requisites. The bank mode feature prevents the hackers from peeking what you type.

most secure browser





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