why failure is good

Have you ever wondered why failure is good or why is failure important? We have all seen or written the failure is the key to success essay when we were in our high school or have listened to those short speech on success and failure; however, never really cared for it, until FAILURE hit us!

What is failure in life?

Failure is not when you do not reach your goal; it’s about having a goal and not doing anything about it. How many of you have failed in life, but never gave up? I’m sure many of you didn’t. Though it’s not about that you failed, it’s about- what did you learn from that failure? Why did you fail? What is it that is forbidding you to succeed? It could be your lack of persistence or conviction and how many times you have looked back into the past, thought about the mistakes you have made, and regretted every second? I know I have.

I didn’t value or gave a thought on why is failure important or why failure is good for me until I failed. I have failed in relationships, work, and many things; but such is life. Many allow their failures to stop them from doing anything when in real life failure teaches you the most vital lessons of your life.

Having this fear of failure is the worst of all! It abandons you to chase your dreams and make it true. You cannot build an empire within a fortnight; behind every success story has many failed attempts- concealed underneath the success story that no one knew. As Henry Ford quoted-“Failure is simply the moment to start again, this time more intelligibly.” Isn’t it overwhelming?! in case you need a laugh check our Weird Road Signs Around the World

why failure is good

I can give you lists on the successful people who succeeded in their game- once fought with failure. Take an example of Albert Einstein; he didn’t speak until he turned four and couldn’t read until he turned seven. The school expelled him, and his teachers delineated him as a slow learner, unsociable, and a kid stuck forever in daydreams. This kid who was mentally-slow and unsociable, who was always daydreaming, is now reckoned as the Father of Modern Physics. You see what I’m trying to say here?

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Here is what I mean when I asked why is failure important:

Failure helps you learn

When Thomas Edison was questioned about his 100 failed attempts at creating a light-bulb, he answered- he had not failed, instead, he found 100 ways that did not work. This mentality makes a man successful. Facing failure to get the outcome doesn’t mean a negative thing; it is merely an indication to try a different method. Thomas Edison taught us in the perfect way- why failure is good for your success.

Failure implies courage

Even at first you didn’t get the expected result, don’t think of it as a failure. At least you tried to do something. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from doing anything. Have courage and show the world that despite failing you never gave up; instead you got back up and tried once again.

Failure makes you strong

Often you fail at something, and you tend to become more adamant to succeed. You could feel frustrated, discouraged or angry at first; however, these emotions won’t last long. Failure makes you focused on a successful outcome.

Failure helps you to grow

When your efforts fail, it’s time to dig deep to look for your strength and start again. To search for a solution and ensure you get the desired outcome, you stretch yourself to some, and this helps you to grow. After experiencing failures, you won’t be the same person you were once. You won’t know your capabilities until you try and fail.

Reasons Why Failure is Good for success

Failure means opportunity

The reason why failure is good for your success is that it gives you a possibility of inception. People often say that everything happens for a reason; however, we only realize it’s done. And more often we have faced unexpected opportunities that wouldn’t have occurred if the failure didn’t take place. It is said that one has to shut one door to open up another. Failure is sometimes the beginning of a new start. Also read:- vacations that you need to take in your lifetime

Failure gives answer

If you wouldn’t fail in something you do, you will never get the answer to your question- is your method working? Before even executing your plan you start to wonder whether it would work or not. As they say- the pain of regret is worse than the pain of failure.

Failure leads you to success

Another good reason for why is failure important is that research has shown that those who succeeded have faced defeat in life the most. To persevere to learn something new provides you the advantage over a person who gets it correctly the first time.

Failure makes great stories

With failures comes an excellent comeback story. You must remember how Steve Jobs got fired from his OWN Company, Apple? Failure makes you more human, and it helps you to become an inspiration to others. No success is complete without a failure. Failure helps you to stay humble; you may have seen successful entrepreneurs being arrogant. That’s because they have faced failure and knows what it’s like to be treated as a small human being.

Don’t stick to negativity; look into the brighter side. Nothing is permanent in this world, not even your failures, if you keep working on your dream, the seeds you sowed will give an outcome. You have eight damn answers to the question why is failure important to achieve the desired goal. Just remember- You are the master of your destiny, it is only you who can turn the negativity into positivity. If you fall, get back up and start again; it is just a matter of time.

Keep this in mind- Every failure is an Opportunity for a new beginning. After a twilight comes a sunrise!

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