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Have you ever wondered what the use of the Google photos is? We all have a default gallery that’s contained in every smartphone; however, no one bats an eye on the Google photos. Few decide to adopt this feature given by Google. The ‘ why use google photos ’ for storing your photos when you have a default gallery already is the basic question that comes in everybody’s mind.

We are here with eight reasons why use Google photos is the ultimate way. From creating google love story to face recognition, Google photos could do all:

Google photos 2018

  1. Unlimited storage

The google photo storage limit is unlimited, which means you can upload as many photos & videos you can, without worrying about exceeding the cloud storage limit. This feature saves your pictures without compressing the images.

  1. Inbuilt photo editing

Well, this may not work as a professional photo editing app. However, it has a decent photo built right within the app. Just choose a picture you wish to change, tap on the marker icon and get going. You can adjust contrast, brightness, saturation or add some filters to them directly.

  1. Find photos easily

In google photos, your photos are automatically organised by, people, things and places. With this you could enter a keyword such as a date, location or an object and the app will display all the related content. For example, if you type ‘food, you will see pictures you clicked of a meal.

  1. Google photo assistant

The google photo assistant in the google photos isn’t a Siri replacement; however, it enables the users to create albums for collages, animations or a movie out of your existing images. Furthermore, the assistant comes handy in giving you useful tips on how to make the best use of google photos.

why use google photos

Why use google photos

  1. Sharing your library

Rather than scrolling down on pictures and selecting and choosing where to share, sharing your library assist you to grant someone access to all of your photos, even specific albums. Select what you want to share, enter the receivers information-once done, the receiver will get an invitation will grant them access to your shared file.

  1. Free up space

We all have suffered those moments while capturing that beautiful moment a warning pops out on the screen that says ‘out of storage.’ This is one frustrating moment I have faced for the longest of time. Thanks to google photos backup game, we don’t have to run out of the storage capacity as google photos back up your photos on the cloud storage, correspondingly it back up on your device as well. However, if by any chance your device is out of storage you could erase the media that has already been backed up in the cloud storage.

  1. Find pictures of yourself or a particular face

Google’s machine-learning powers extend to face recognition as well. This feature helps in finding the best photo of a given person easily. It could also discover people’s presence you didn’t notice in the first place in your photos. This could be a reason why use google photos could become the next big thing.

8.  Access your photos anywhere

One of the most significant advantages of using google photos is that you can access your photos from anywhere. In addition to that, you don’t have to stick to a single device in order to obtain your photos. You can retrieve your photos a web browser or local app on your smartphone. This was another reason why use google photos even when you have a default gallery installed in your smartphone already.

Two factor authentication for Google account

To set up a two factor authentication to secure your Google account, go to Google’s ‘My account’ page and go to sign in & security> signing into Google> two steps verification. You will be given three different suggestions from the two steps: Google prompt, authenticator app, and SMS; choose amongst them.

The Google prompt will allow you to choose from any smartphones you have linked to your Google account. After you have added a phone you’d require verifying it one time. After that, you would get a push alert to accept your requested entry. Accept this request and you’re done. By putting a two factor authentication on your Google account, you could keep your google photos safe.

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