how to stop robocalls forever

Months ago I received a call from a beauty salon that I frequently visit- reminding me for my next appointment. It is fascinating yet annoying most of the time. Sometimes I wonder how do I stop robocalls that tends to become peskier day by day. Luckily, we are in a smartphone generation where we could find out whether it’s a telemarketer or not; still, several android users contemplate as to how to stop robocalls on android. It’s not only with the Android users, iPhone users as well trying to find a permanent answer to how to stop robocalls on iPhone. Even though they are legit and doesn’t cause any harm, however, they seem to become more repetitive and exasperating. Fortunately, we have specific ways on how to stop robocalls forever.

Here are eight ways on how to stop robocalls forever

how to stop robocalls forever

How do I stop robocalls numbers?

  1. Keep your number private

You are well aware of the fact why businesses ask for your number; however if you don’t feel like giving, don’t! It is a quiet way for them to call at your number or give it to someone else, according to research.

  1. It is not illegal for the marketers to make these calls if you happen to have a relationship with them. So, carefully read those terms & agreement whenever you make a purchase and services. There might be a clause buried agreeing to these pesky robocalls.

If you agreed to any of their terms that comprise any clause related to spam calling, running away won’t be an option. And thinking how do I stop robocalls number won’t be an option as well. Also Read:- How Whatsapp Request account info report works?

  1. Hang up immediately

While you’re wondering how to stop robocalls forever and in the meantime, you get a call from these marketers- hang up right away! You could contact your service provider in order to discover if they offer free blocking services, however, beware- the caller ID may display the wrong number since the latest technology could make a fool out of your service.

  1. Don’t press recommended numbers

Many have recommended me specific number combination to delete myself from a robocall record. The question here is- does this work? Research by the better business bureau says pressing such number confirms that an individual is apparently answering the calls, and therefore, the person is likely to gain more calls in future.

This might seem like it would work, however, looking at the evolvement of technology; scammers may have gotten smarter or already upgraded their tools.

  1. Register yourself on Do Not Call registry

Register yourself for the National Do Not Call Registry. It is free, and you are never off the list. Above all, it prevents calls for both landline and smartphones. Now, you don’t have to wonder how do I stop robocalls or how to stop robocalls forever.

How to stop marketing calls

  1. Use free Robokiller apps

Nomorboi is a free Robokiller app that can be used to block the robocalls. You have to provide your carrier name and email address, and after that, it blocks all the robocalls. Though, the app is only available for the US residents and on specific VoIP providers; it isn’t available for major countries.

  1. Buy a phone that automatically identifies spam calls

If you’re still wondering how to stop robocalls forever buy a phone that has such facility to identify such robocalls number. Google pixel and Samsung have such facility that identifies such spam number and warns the owner not to receive the call by turning the screen red. Though these features aren’t perfect; sometimes they can get fool as well.

  1. Use your phone’s DO NOT DISTURB

With this feature you do not have to worry over the fact- how do I stop robocalls? You can opt for allow calls from specific contacts. However, this feature won’t be much of a help if you are of a profession that receives calls from an unknown number on a regular basis or if you are anticipating a call from a new client, this feature won’t be an excellent option for you. However, if you have a phone that is not for work- can try this feature.

How to stop robocalls on iphone

By now I presume, most of you are familiar with apple’s robocall blocking feature; however, if some of you do not have an idea how to stop robocalls on iphone here is a simple setting:

Go to Apple store

Download the Robokiller app

After opening the app, click on continue

Type your number to activate.

How to stop robocalls on android

Stop wondering how to stop robocalls forever when you too, can download the robokiller app on your android device as well. Just download the app from the android play store and the rest is self-explanatory.

Now you don’t have to worry anymore about how to stop robocalls on android when you’re on the verge of losing your patience with these spam numbers.


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