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Summer is all about fresh air and windy gardens. Having a beautiful garden is a dream for all, and the ones who own it cannot maintain it with utmost care as it is a difficult task. Relaxing on holidays in a well-put garden, hosting parties and putting your free time in planting is a new trend. But with a busy schedule it is difficult to look after the garden’s upkeep. Plants require proper nutrition and care as kids do. There are numerous things to be maintained like proper manicures being added, a perfect amount of water and sunlight, etc. In this techno spree world, scientists have developed top clever gardening gadgets to make your gardening time easy and comfy.  These summer gadgets not only add on to your productivity but also fastens the process.

Five amazing gardening gadgets for summer

Here, we bring you five fantastic gardening gadgets for summer to make your garden life more pleasurable. These innovative gadgets are here to help you to enjoy the rewards of lush grass and give yourself sunbath between flourishing shrubs.

  1. Honda Miimo 3000

Honda Miimo 3000 summer gadgets

Honda brings to you one of the top clever gardening gadgets that are efficient little cutter if you are too lazy to mow. This ultimate robot mower Navigates through bushes, trees for zigzag trimming for about 90 minutes. Then after 45 minutes of recharge, it will head over again and before you know your lawn will start looking perfectly manicured. You will be impressed to see that you can operate the mower with your phone chilling under the tree shed.

The robot mower is a must-have summer gadget to relax under the tree in breezy air and let mower work in the scorching heat. Honda is most trustworthy in robot-related products. The top range Miimo is designed for cutting several heights and widths and for a large garden. The whole process can be controlled via Bluetooth through your androids or iOS.

  1. Gardena smart system

summer gadgets

It is an app-controlled watering system with a soil moisture sensor. It is Wi-Fi managed watering system, with a Wi-Fi transmitter and a single sensor for measuring soil moisture, light intensity, and air temperature. It is app-controlled, so you can sit on a chair and check the status of your garden. Or you can either set the system beforehand or set the pre length of watering for the system to work when you are not home.  Isn’t it helpful?  It is a router suitable for irrigation and making your gardening more comfortable.

  1. Farmer’s cottage rotating garden pod

summer gadgets

It is the ultimate high tech summer gadgets that revolves 360 degrees and can be converted into a bedroom. It seats seven in comfort. This garden luxury is constructed from laminated spruce timber. Cushion pad can be added to the center with a circular waterproof bench pad. With interior lighting to suit the moonlight, it had a stainless coat to reflect UV rays and make your gardening more comfortable.

  1. Hozelock cloud controller

Gardena smart system

It is a reasonably priced summer gadget for automatic watering. The AC powered hub of cloud controller requires Wi-Fi to work automatically even when you are afar and enable you to set the watering schedule when you are busy,  but it should be kept at window sill to keep it connected to Ethernet cable. Read:- Gadgets that you’d love to use every day

This system is linked to weather conditions to make you aware of storms, rain and a lot more to make it easier for you to enable the system according to weather phenomenon. This summer gadget makes summers easier for your plants by proper watering schedule and makes your garden greener.

  1. Muck vac cleaning system

summer gadgets

This top clever gardening gadget removes scum, dust, And debris out of pond and fountains, to make your garden look as clean as your home. This system from Odyssey has facilitated cleaning which is most challenging in summers, due to the quick heating capacity of water and scorching heat.

Cleaning of ponds and fountains is necessary as it may cause a foul smell. It is equipped with a vacuum hose, vacuum head with a brush, telescoping hose, and a power head. Just hook up to your garden hose and turn the water to provide it pressure to work. And within minutes your pond will look crystal clear.

Really cool garden stuff

Below listed are some of the top clever gardening gadgets readily available:

  • An inflatable outdoor movie screen
  • Bigfoot pushover sleepers
  • The storage sun lounger
  • Inflatable sun lounger
  • The water carrying bag that fits in your wheelbarrow
  • Spider catcher
  • Solar powered dummy CCTV camera
  • Luxury window bird feeder
  • A BBQ in a bag
  • Lego planter

These cool garden stuff not only make your summers cold in the garden but help you impress your family and friends.  And these summer gadgets not only lessen your hard work but also makes you Techno advance.

Top clever Gardening gadgets for elders

Gardening requires Flexibility as it involves bending and physical work.  It refreshes the soul, but it is difficult for seniors or people with stiff back and ones suffering from muscular or bone diseases.

Here, we bring you some top clever Gardening gadgets for the elders, for you to keep going comfortably and release your physical stress.

Some garden gadgets for elderly are listed below:

  • Ergonomic hand weeder
  • Ergonomic pruning shear
  • Ergonomic garden hose nozzle
  • Bear paws ergonomic cultivator
  • Ergonomic add on the handler
  • Tiller
  • Raised garden bed
  • Rolling garden seat
  • Garden knocker
  • Kneeling Pad

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Garden gadget 2019

As the world is advancing, its impact can be seen on gardening gadgets. Some of the top clever gardening gadgets are available to make your gardening experience mesmerizing as you dreamt of.  Summer gadgets help you beat the heat.

Listed below are best garden gadgets 2019:

  • Lawnmower
  • Grill smoker
  • Window birds feeder
  • Garden cart
  • Inflatable portable hot tub

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