Amazon Echo secretly record family conversation

The ‘Echo’ that you purchased from Amazon could be recording your conversations, while in some cases; it has already sent your conversation to a random person from your contact list. Recently, there has been news about how the Amazon Echo secretly record family conversation and send it to one of their contacts.

The victims, who are Portland citizens, reported that their echo device recorded their conversation and sent it to someone from their contact list. Soon after the message was sent to the person, she called immediately to the couple and asked them to unplug the ‘Alexa’. The caller, who informed the couples about this incident, is an employee of the husband.

Amazon Echo secretly record family conversation

The wife, whose name is Danielle told a local news station that as soon as they got the call, they unplugged every device; the caller told them that he had receive an audio file of their personal conversation. Danielle further stated that she felt like the device invaded their private life, and would never trust and plug the device ever again.

Amazon blamed Alexa for misconstruing background conversation as a series of commands to deliver a message to a contact. They further explained the occurrence in a statement to CNBC- Echo woke up because of a word in a background conversation sounded like Alexa. After that, the following conversation heard as send message request.

At this point, Alexa asked out loud-To whom? Wherein, the background conversation construed as a name in the customer’s contact list. Alexa then asked, contact name, right? To which, the background conversation interpreted as ‘right’ by Alexa.  As improbable as this series of events is, we are assessing alternatives to make this case even lesser.

They said as if someone has invaded their privacy, after listening back to their conversations- silently captured by a machine. They will never trust and plug this device ever in future- they further added.

Alexa Virtual Assistant. Who is Alexa model?

When the family contacted Amazon, they said it takes its customer’s privacy seriously, and Amazon blamed Alexa for giving a wrong command to send that file a person of a contact list. This incident raises privacy concerns of voice-assistant devices, like Echo.

Notwithstanding of whether you have an Amazon device, you have likely heard the name ‘Alexa.’ Amazon’s VA is a female voice that communicates with you in a conversational tone.

These ‘echo devices’ usually placed in kitchens and living rooms, and are competent of listening to private talks; however, Amazon asserted that this device only activates when the command word ‘Alexa’ prompted.

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