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James Wan’s Conjuring franchise has had all of us shit our pants (truly)! The demonic doll of the movie Annabelle has been a star ever since her initial appearance in the first Conjuring movie; which was based on a real-life event. Annabelle since had her spin-off series, and in the new upcoming film- Annabelle comes home, fans would find out the true powers of Annabelle after the real-life paranormal investigator Ed, and Lorraine Warren makes the fault the placing the doll in their dangerous relic room. In the course of a visit to Warner Bros. Studios, IGN was a part of the press, as well. They visited director Gary Dauberman in his editing area and got the chance to watch the three horror footage rows from the newest entry in the extensive Conjuring-series.

The first scene aired took fans back to the opening scene from the Conjuring, which showed the Warrens elucidating the doll’s nature to some of her victims. However, in the first horror footage, Debbie and Camilla were seen talking to the Warrens- they thought that the doll is just the ghost of a young girl who dwelled into the doll. Lorraine explained to her that the doll is something ‘inhuman’ and highly manipulative. You’d identify the scene quickly after seeing the moment. However, this movie exhibited the continuation of the journey when the Warrens place Annabelle into their artefact room.

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Horror footage from the trailer of Annabelle comes home

It is excellent to see Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson together on screen once again. We get to see some lovely character beats as the warrens drive home with the demonic doll in the back seat. It is beautiful to see both the pairs play the role of a couple as they joke about being in California because of Ed’s bad driving. In the horror footage of the movie trailer- the Warrens drive to their home, and they meet a roadblock since there was an accident. The night is dark, and it appears as one of the people may have owned Annabelle. After proffering their assistance to the confused cop, the cop asks them to turn around, and complement the doll, saying ‘Nice doll!’ To which Ed quickly let out a joke saying ‘That’s what you think.’ They turn around and drive home.

The horror footage of the trailer portrayed the desperation to reconnect with her father. It is this link to the dead that lured her here and put her along with the other girls in the house in severe danger. A piano begins to play, abruptly, in the room. Daniella follows the sound of the piano and starts playing- “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” As her fingers move across the keyboard, her father seems to play with her, putting his rotting hands on the piano.

For Dauberman, this horror footage links to the rules and logic of the franchise, mainly how people communicate with the spiritual side of the movies. If you go on the internet and watch the videos of the real artifact room, there are all kinds of people who are looking for authentication in there too by poking on an object. This could be funny, however, not as funny as a demon attached to you- he stated.

You’d be able to examine the real artifact room and endure the true horror of every secret when Annabelle come home comes to the theatre on June 26.

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