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According to technology retailer Laptops Direct upon their research, they found out that the Average UK home is filled with tons of pounds worth of broken gadgets. The survey exhibited that over more than 1000 UK households retaining £2,460 of the broken gadget. Mobile phones are the most common device found with 78 percent clinging to them even when they no longer work.

Average UK home broken gadgets

62 per cent Average UK home possesses damaged or malfunctioned laptops whilst 59 percent of them have broken tablets and iPads. The survey suggested that there is a lack of determination when it comes to fixing those broken gadgets. 37 percent of them would wait for six months or longer to fix a broken device. Concurrently, 19 percent would replace their broken gadgets than to repair any of them.

The research displayed 44 percent of them wouldn’t repair their broken gadgets due to the high cost of repairs; however, a bold 17 % of Average UK home adults would try fixing their broken gadget with the assistance of YouTube Tutorials. Whereas 14 percent of them would go to a tech-savvy friend in order to save few pounds. Also Read:- 10 cool gadgets for mom that you can gift

Marketing manager at Laptop Direct, Mark Kelly said that it is astonishing to see the proportion of broken gadgets and damaged technology an Average UK home possesses or keep clinging to. He further advised the customers to repair their broken gadgets if there is any, as soon as possible; if something as tiny as a cracked screen is left for a more extended period could conclude in more damage to the gadget. Thus, repair costs would go higher. Read More:- About 10 Must Have Gadgets for Men 2018 List

Research also suggested that men are more likely to cling onto broken gadgets with £2,990 broken devices than women who hold an average £1,930’s worth broken gadget.

Mark said even when an item can no longer work or damaged beyond repair, some parts of the device might be of some value. There are numerous options now available for recycling used items or selling old injured gadgets which can be revamped. Injured gadget eBay is a great option to sell your broken gadget.

According to another research, made by Aviva, an insurance company, on 2,000 British households, an Average UK home has unnecessary tech items of worth £1,414. The study also revealed that half of those surveyed items are either re-gifted or sold.



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