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When it comes to taking care of dogs, somehow our inner parenthood awakens. I don’t remember when was the time I ever cared for a human baby that much as much I have cared for a puppy. Though it doesn’t mean I do not like kids; however, there is something about the dogs that make us feel more loved. As much as they make us happy, there’s no doubt it becomes a pain in the arse sometimes when it comes to taking care of them. If you want to lighten the burden, just a little, there are a few awesome things for dogs, and as an owner, you would love these gadgets as well.

15 awesome things for dogs

  1. Peekapoo

It is made up of two parts; a rounded tip of soft silicon that secures comfortably around your dog’s tail and a strong disposable collection bag that hangs underneath. Place Peekapoo on your dog’s tails prior to going out for a walk. When your dog is ready to poop, all the droppings fall directly into the collection bag and when he is finished, unclip the bag and throw it away.

  1. Hurrik9

This one is really cool dog stuff; it is the coolest fetch toy for dogs, and it is time that you need to upgrade your game of fetch with this 100 plus foot gravity defying flying ring launcher. It is built to give your dog maximum exercise in just a span of time. And, did I mention a rocket scientist- john hunter invented it?

  1. Brilliant pad

It is the world’s first self-cleaning potty pad system that gives you the freedom and flexibility with better hygiene for you and your dog. The pad absorbs the liquid and begins to dry out solids, and then the system replaces the soiled pad with a fresh, clean one. A barrier lining wraps and seals waste to lock away the odor. The system is hands-off for weeks at a time; the disposal is fast and easy and clean. Just replace the old roll with a new one. Moreover, it is automatic and improves the health and hygiene in a way for you and your dog.

  1. Pet Cube

Let me ask you this real quick? Do you know what your pets do when you’re not at home and how you tackle it? Pet cube is one of awesome things for dogs and for the owner as well; they are the best way to be close to your pets. Inside this gadget, there is a wide angle camera, a microphone and a laser pointer and all that will be connected to your home WIFI.

If you have a smartphone, you could see your pets, talk to them and play with them using its laser pointer. Furthermore, the built in software allows you to save photos and videos of your pets and share them on any social media platform you want.

  1. Disco dog

Could you think of a way to amalgamate both your dog and technology into one? Perhaps not. This is where disco dog comes in; it is a warm & lightweight vest coat for dogs that has 256 LEDs- controlled by your smartphone. You could even write a customized message on the coat through your smartphone once you have connected the device with it. Above all, when your dog lost its way, there is a feature called ‘lost dog is activated’ which will help you to find your dog.

best new dog products 2018

  1. Petspeak

It is one awesome things for dogs as well as for you. It is a revolutionary device that makes your device dog speak; using recorded messages that are triggered by your dog’s motion profile your dog can talk. You can talk to your dog remotely and make funny videos of your dog and share them with the pet speak community. It has to be that must have dog things to buy, I mean why not? It is giving your dog a voice.

  1. Buddy

Buddy is a fully integrated LED dog collar equipped with WIFI, Bluetooth and GPS technology that s connecting humans to their dogs like never before. Buddy is entirely autonomous which means you are likely to spend less time with your phone playing with it and more time with your dog.

The makers have built some fantastic innovations, say you’re at work and you want to know what your dog’s upto and buddy would track the activity of your dog via home WIFI. You could set up an area within the app called geofence- if they happen to escape or someone has taken them, you will be notified of their location so you can track them with the help of GPS.

  1. Clever pet

Clever pet is an interactive device that rewards your dog for solving simple problems. Clever pet uses your pet’s morning meal and the time it spends at home to encourages interactions throughout the day. It starts out simple your dog will get a treat whenever he/she would press the buttons of the device.

Once she has passed level 1, clever pet makes her job a little harder; now she gets a treat when she presses the button that lit up. Once she has learned that, the games changes again. This device slowly teaches her to interact in more exciting ways which assist in keeping her active and happy the whole day.

These kind of awesome things for dogs surely would help in keeping the dogs healthy and active.

  1. Dogtelligent

Dog collars are a promise that your dog will always return home; you will keep them secure, healthy and loved. It is time for a collar that holds that promise. Dotelligent is an all in one smart dog collar that seamlessly incorporates and communicates with the family pet products. This too has a feature that notifies the owner when their pet has gone over the designated zone. You can even enhance your dog’s skill using the dogtelligent app; it lets you control a variety of pre-programmed and customized whistle tones to develop skills and deter barking. Isn’t it the most awesome things for dogs?

  1. I fetch

It is an interactive, on-demand playmate for your pet. It works after you drop the ball inside the device’s funnel. It saves owners energy in a way and replaces human role in playtime and adds a whole new element of fun.

  1. Smartbowl

The only bowl that cares for the way your dogs eats. Once you have created a profile for your pet including age, weight, and level of activity, the smart bowl will guide you in feeding your pet the perfect portion, letting you know you have poured too much. Using their app, you could stay connected with alerts and notification. This is one awesome things for your dog to have.

  1. Findster duo

You can finally give your pet the freedom he needs with Findster duo. This tiny and smart wearable device aids you to take care of your pet- high precision GPS technology helps to track down their location in no time. Findster allows you to stay connected with your buddy even when you are away; share access to your pets with your family and monitor their safety from anywhere.

  1. Easy feed

This is an electric hand free & easy to use pet feeder that can be controlled entirely via their app. It automatically dispenses food by the time of the day or by weight of your pet. You don’t have to keep an eye on their food stock; this device keeps an eye on the food stocks. When the food runs low, it orders more food automatically from amazon, and it’ll be delivered to your doorstep. When you’re away, you can feed your dog as well.

Technology has really made it easier for the dog owners by inventing such awesome things for dogs. Also Read:-  5 healthy body habits for a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Go bone

Exercising your dogs after you get back from work can be challenging because you’re tired, its too dark or the weather isn’t good. The go bone is an entertainment device that is made for you and your dog. It keeps your dog active while you’re at work. Using this device is easy, put food treats inside, tap it, and it automatically plays with your dog for up to 8 hours.

The exterior can be changed when it wears out or when it is time for a new look.

  1. Tickr activity toy

Put the treat inside the device and set a timer and let your dog play with it. This device engages your dog and helps them to stay active throughout the day. The best thing about this game is that it doesn’t require any battery and the snacks only come out when the holes in the toy are in line.

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