best android games 2019

We all are familiar with the fact that these days it is hard to get an excellent game for free! However, few of them are close to the free game tags, if you hold enough patience. Some of the best android games 2019 are freemium, meaning some features of the app are free whilst some features could only be obtained when paid.

We have gathered all of the best android games 2019 so far, including free android games as well as the best android games. We have tried jotting down the free android games that doesn’t involve too much of paid services. So, shall we dive into the best free android games of all time?

Best android games 2019

Alto’s odyssey- Freemium

best android games 2019

Noodlecake’s Alto’s Odyssey is a usual choice when it comes to a free Android game. It consists of beautiful graphics, simple mechanisms, and a soothing style. The players have to avoid the hurdles by jumping up high in the air. There are few items that you could buy for several customization options. The game is dependent severely on its wallpaper- laudable graphics. The graphics are is simple yet real, and the dark, rising colors tote up a magnificent atmosphere for the game. This game is kid friendly, and fun to play. Download

Asphalt 9: Legend- Freemium

best android games 2019

Asphalt franchise is one of the most well-known racing games in mobile. Asphalt 8: Airborne and Asphalt Xtreme were the most popular in the Asphalt series. The Asphalt 9 came out last year in July, and is the recent games in the series now. The game features 50 cars, tons of challenges to defeat, and a cluster of content to play with. The contents comprise online single & multiplayer, and much more. However, it has an auto-go system that doesn’t let you control your acceleration; this made many players angry. The graphics are magnificent and also included social elements. It is too, a freemium game, so the online competitive feature might be a bit twisted. Though, the single player mode is a good arcade match. Download

HQ Trivia- Free

best android games 2019

HQ trivia is amongst the free android games. It is a live game show where the players participate at the same time. There is a 10-second timer for 12 questions per round that are asked by a host. The participants give their answers in real time. Player who stands till the end wins the game. And did I mention that you get REAL money in this game? It is for sure something different when it comes to mobile gaming. The best part about this app that it is for free and there is no in-app purchases. The games take place at 9PM Eastern standard Time every day with 3 PM EST on weekdays; which means there are 12 games every week. This makes hard for an individual to leave the game in between, too quickly. Download app

Best mobile games android

PUBG- Freemium

best android games 2019

One of the best free adventure games for android, PUBG mobile has officially released not so long ago and it already has covered half the mobile gaming market. It was also one of the top trending games 2018. It is a 100 player battle royale game on a tiny island. Upon landing, the players collect guns, weapons, and vehicle and start battling. The one who survive the battle wins the chicken dinner. The blue zone after every 3 min keep the game interesting and long. The game is also available in Lite version for lower end phones consisting of lighter graphics. There are several new pubg tricks available on the internet that may help you with your skillsets, as well. Download app

Madfinger- Freemium

best android games 2019

It is one of the best android games 2019 for the FPPs. Their record of titles comprises heavy hitters such as the shadow gun series, Unkilled, and the Dead Trigger series. Unkilled and Dead Trigger are a part of zombie shooters with several missions, along with few online PvP content. Most features in this game are accessible and free and the all are excellent games in spite of that even. Download app

Best paid games

Reign- $2.99

best android games 2019

Reign is a stylish game with an easy gameplay mechanisms and sharp humor in which you attempt to keep your kingdom running efficiently by communicating with citizens, advisors, witches, and other characters. This makes it the best android games 2019. It is perfectly described as ‘choose your own adventure’ books, except unlike flipping the pages, you only swipe right or left. Download app

There are four resources in your kingdom- citizens, religion, the army, and the treasury of your kingdom. Every decision of yours is going to have an effect on these 4 resources. Keeping the resources in balance is crucial, since you cannot let these resources reach zero and let it max out; if you do so you kingdom is over. However, the game doesn’t end right there- you reign again and become your successor and endeavour to last longer than the king before you.

Throughout the game you’ll enjoy the dark humour.

Suzy cube- $3.99

best android games 2019

It is with no doubt the best paid android games available; it is the best time wasting games for android. It features tight touchscreen controls that enable you to jump and rush thru over 40 levels. Each level is filled with challenges and hidden areas to discover.

This game after the purchase doesn’t annoy you with any in-app purchase and does a great job at ne’er feeling old. After you’d buy the game, you could unlock all the bonus content with the help of stars found during each level. Meaning you’d be replaying levels in order to acquire all the stars and set new records concerning speed running times. Download app

GTA- $4.99- $6.99

best android games 2019

If you love playing GTA on PC or a console, did you think of upgrading your passion for playing this game to android? Rockstar games have 5 massive GTA titles for you to select from, and you couldn’t go wrong with any of them, trust me! The price range isn’t bad here, as well, bearing in mind, you’re getting the full game with no annoying in-app purchases plan. It is an absolute best shot for all the people who loved GTA and still do to go back and revisit this old school games on your android smartphone. It is surely the best android games 2019.  Download app

If you want to play it right now, go to Google play store and download and start playing.



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