best camera under 500
best camera under 500

Many people look for a camera that has everything- brilliant AF, interchangeable lenses, higher megapixels, advanced features and what not. With the price falling and quality of the digital camera constantly improving, you can easily now buy a camera under 500 dollars. Some digital SLRs delivers excellent pictures in Wedding Photography though they mostly pertain to higher price range. Down below we have enlisted some of the best camera under 500. We will also update the article if any new models are released and any dropping in the price point.

Best Camera Under 500$

Nikon D3300- 397$

Nikon camera

This entry-level DSLR equipped with 24.2 MP and delivers pretty good quality pictures. It also has a user-friendly interface and improved kit lens that much lighter and much sharper than its predecessors. The amazing thing about D3300 is that it cost only 397$ including lenses, which is a pretty good deal for those who are looking for the best camera under 500. If you lose your pockets a little, you could get more features than the D3300, but that would break the $500 limit here.

Canon EOS Rebel T6- 449$

Canon DSLR

The Rebel T6 is the favorite pick amongst many photographers and videographers who look for a budget-friendly camera. The Rebel T6 is a shortened version of the T6i and T5i with fewer megapixels, simple autofocus, and a secure LCD that doesn’t tilt. However, at 449$ with 18-megapixel and 18-55mm camera lens, the T6 is the best camera under 500 you could get your hands onto.

Moreover, that who shoots still photography mostly doesn’t sacrifice much by going for this one. Though the higher versions do contain features like tilting screen and STM lenses, however, these designed with keeping the video in mind and thus people who capture stills aren’t losing much.

Nikon D3400- $497

Nikon DSLR camera

The D3400 is another entry-level DSLR under $500. This camera not only gives an impressive image but also capable of delivering HQ videos. It comes with 24.2MP APS-C sensor, HD video recording at 1080p and Nikon has always made sure their products are easy to use by everybody. So, even if you’re a beginner then operating this camera won’t be an issue. However, the D3400 is quite similar to the D3300 the only difference is that the D3400 has Bluetooth connectivity and gets a boost in battery life. Therefore, people who are willing to buy D3300 aren’t going to lose much. At such price, D3400 could be the best camera under 500.

Canon EOS Rebel T5- 362$

best camera under 500

It’s difficult to find a camera that offers interchangeable lens under 500$ price tag especially from a distinguished brand like canon. Though the Rebel T5 isn’t equipped with the variety of features, but it does include a kit lens. The reason behind of it being an inexpensive camera is because it doesn’t have tilting LCD and touchscreen functionality. The burst rate is slow as well, and the AF is basic. If you compare T6 with T5 from above, T6 has wifi connectivity and NFC alongside high-resolution LCD. This could also be the best camera under 500 for you if you’re looking for one that is much cheaper and does a pretty decent job.

Canon EOS M10- 499$

under 500 camera

Canon is new to the mirrorless camera market, but it has launched it M series with interchangeable lens camera under 500. At this price range, you’ll get an 18MP APS-C image sensor, lightweight body, sleek designed camera. It is one of the lightest and much compact mirrorless cameras that could act as the best camera for travel. Just keep in mind that the M10 doesn’t have the viewfinder which means you’d have to arrange your photos via the back LCD.

Sony alpha a5100- 448$

sony DSLR camera

Good news for Sony fans who were looking for a budget-friendly camera from the brand Sony. The alpha a5100 launched under a budgetary range that includes a lens as well. The Alpha a5100 is an entry-level camera by the leading brand and an attractive option to point and shoot. It comes with 24.3MP, more advanced AF with an advantage of choosing from a range of E mount lenses. Though don’t expect much from it, surely, it could be Sony’s best camera under 500, but it doesn’t have a lot of significant features like the viewfinder, weather resistance, and isn’t the best at recording 4k videos. However, the image quality is supreme for the price offered and pretty easy to use.

Nikon 1 J5- 497$

nikon best camera

Though the J5 image sensor isn’t as promising as the models mentioned above, although it surely has excellent features and functionality. The J5 has exceptional capabilities of shooting photographs at 20 frames per second. It has a 20.8-megapixel camera, inbuilt wifi, and NFC; furthermore, the J5 doesn’t consist of low pass filter which is present in most Nikon’s DSLRs that delivers sharp images. If sensors don’t mean that much to you, then Nikon J5 is a pretty good camera.

If you are looking for DSLR that is budget friendly and can shoot 4k videos, well, there isn’t any 4k video camera under 500$, but we have an article on best DSLR with 4k video recording you might want to check.

Canon PowerShot SX530 HS- 249$

Canon PowerShot SX530

This is by far the cheapest camera under $500. Though it’s not a DSLR but a point and shoots with 16 megapixels, big time zoom and an easy to use functionality. For those who are looking for travel photography with massive zooming, this one would complete your requirement. The SX530 seems more of a DSLR than a point and shoot as it is heavier than it should be. The camera doesn’t offer much higher resolution regarding MP and a menial LCD screen. But because the SX530 provide more significant zooming capabilities, people tend to choose this camera more often.

With a budget of 500$, we would recommend you to go for either a high-end point and shoot camera or an entry-level camera. However, eventually, it’s your personal choice; do keep in mind though that at such price range you might not get much of your expectations. If you are looking for a DSLR for low light photography under 500$ you might have to change your mind or expand your budget.


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