Best DSLR For Wedding Photography 2018

best dslr for wedding photography

If your wedding is around the corner or you are yourself a professional wedding photographer; thinking of buying the best DSLR for wedding photography is just not that simple. But, if you’re one of those who want their wedding photographs to be on top, or, one of a professional wedding photographer you have come to the right place. This article would be all about the top 10 best DSLR for wedding photography; if you are confused about the Nikon vs cannon DSLR, we will talk about that too. If you’re wondering if these cameras could work better under low light, we have everything in this article.

Best DSLR for Wedding Photography

1.Nikon D810

Nikon D810 is one of the best DSLR for wedding photography. It facilitates to provide high resolution in addition to perfect detail. This is an ingenious camera that would be ideal for capturing moments you never want to miss. The Nikon D810 is a full-frame DSLR that has a 36.4million megapixel without any optical low pass filter. However, this camera is on a much pricier side but trust me once you buy this, there will be zero regrets. You can also shoot an HD video at 1080p at 60fp, obtain HQ audio control. The camera has a sensor display of 35.99mm x 24mm with an ISO of 64 to 12,800 for greater light adjustability. In our opinion, if you have the budget, go for this one for a better experience for photography and videos.

2. Canon EOS 5D Mark III

This newly designed camera comes with a 22.3 mp camera with excellent picture quality and high resolution to click all the perfect moments in any function. It is designed to take more pictures per sec than your standard high tech camera. The feature makes sure of the fact that you get a supreme option of photos and shooting performances without having too many of them, and, if supposedly you do, you can remove them while editing. The cannon EOS also features an ISO of 100 to 25,600. Though the Canon EOS 5D doesn’t have as much mp as the Nikon D810, the interior construction of this camera makes it different from others. It would be great choice to buy if you’re looking for a best DSLR camera for wedding photography.

3. Nikon D750

This high-resolution camera is another best dslr for wedding photography. The Nikon D750 has everything that’s needed to provide you with more exceptional quality images. It comes with 24.3 mp with 6.5 FPS continuous shots making the particular camera more advanced and gives you the freedom of clicking pictures irrespective of the setting. The D750 inspired by the features of D45 & D810 that allows the D750 to deliver you with all the abilities that every Nikon camera proffer. The wifi connectivity feature gives you yet another reason as to why you should purchase this product. The D750 is little cheaper than the ones mentioned above, and of course few of the interior parts are old. However, it still stands out to be the best dslr for wedding photography or any other occasion.

Best DSLR for Wedding Photography 2018 List

4. Sony Alpha a7S II

The sony alpha a7S is a mirrorless DSLR which is suitable for both unparallel photography and record HQ 4k video. The alpha a7S is the obvious choice as the best camera for any occasion including weddings or high-class events. It features a Bionz X image processor and a full frame EXMOR processor. It is a brilliant camera that is best for low light photography as well. The NIONZ X processor now comes with an expanded sensitivity to ISO 409600 in addition to continuous shooting to 5fps. The camera is surely is on the professional side, but it offers everything you would need. The camera is best DSLR for wedding photography and low light photography as well.

5. Nikon D5

Here’s the beast! If you have been invited to a high-end wedding party and you want to make sure that you have bestest of all- D5 is for you. The D5 comes with high tech advancements that make it the best DSLR for wedding photography or any events. It features an upgraded A5 system that holds 153 focus points in addition to 99 type sensors; this feature is provided to make sure you always end up with a supreme quality result. Above all, you can record a video at 4k if you are looking to record a video at a higher quality. The reason behind D5 being the most expensive camera of all is because it has the potential to capture the picture’s detail. Considering the autofocus, sensor design, image processing, Nikon D5 is an absolute best to have it in your collection (well, for those who are looking for a professional one).

6. Fujifilm x pro-2

 An improved and newer version of its antecedent and is quite popular because of its affordability, good quality and a hybrid multi viewfinder added as an extra feature, which would make the wedding moments carved in stones. It features a 24MP camera, ISO sensitivity of 51,200 in addition to an X-trans CMOS III sensor & X Processor engine. If you merge this feature with its other top quality specifications, it will turn out to be good DSLR to have for your wedding whilst saving some “$.”

7. Sony Alpha a7R II

Now this one has a faster and much instinctive processor. The camera comes with a 42.4 MP and shoots videos at the 14-bit uncompressed RAW format. The alpha a7R II has a remarkable image sensor that will do much more than just capturing each & every detail of what you’d expect from your pictures. This mirrorless camera has an AF point of 399 that covers 45% of your total picture space. The rear illuminator sensor helps speeding up your data records. To top it all up, this is the best dslr with 4k recording. Do we have to say anything further? Go ahead if you can stretch your pocket a bit. You won’t regret!

8. Canon EOS 6D

This one is the budget-friendly one if you weren’t having the previous ones that we have mentioned above, then this might be it. The EOS 6D has every required feature which would prove to be the perfect camera. The camera comes with 20.2 MP full frame CMOS sensor for high-resolution picture quality. The in-built wifi facility allows the user to upload pictures on social media in an instance. Apart from that, the 6D films the 1080p videos at 30 fps and you will achieve 4.5fps constant shooting in full motion.

9:- Nikon D500

This is another Nikon’s best DSLR for wedding photography which is designed for more compact power and a fully furnished camera. It designed with flawless, ruggedness and adaptability. This a tough camera that can resist a lot of bumps & bruises, which makes it a the best dslr camera for travel as well. It comes with a 20.9MP DX CMOS sensor, 3.2 inch LCD touchscreen, and records video at 4k with up to 30fps. The ISO is up to 51200 however it can increase up to 1640000 if required. This camera will be a perfect pick for you if you are looking for a nice balance of high quality, amazing features, and an affordable price range.

10. Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II

 The OM-D E-M1 is another highly advanced camera with a system consisting of newer and upgraded technology that allows the users to experience magnificent photogenic results. The camera is perfect for multiple shots to capture your perfect moments entirely. It can go up to 18 frames per second of sequential shots which is why it can fully capture your happy moments with high quality. The OM-D E-M1 works best in low light photography as well and gives supreme results than the regular DSLRs. It is best known for its silent shutter and enabling it to click 20MPP raw files of an image at up to 60fps in S-AF mode. If you are looking for a DSLR for wedding photography this one would fit the spot perfectly; especially if the ceremony is at night, this camera would give a perfect result. Also Read:- Top 10 Cool Gadgets For Men Who Have Everything and Wants Nothing.

Nikon vs Canon DSLR? Which one is best?

It’s hard to pull off the real winner from the Nikon vs Canon DSLR.

DSLR and digital camera are different from one another, and some often amalgamate and connect the two with each other. Both are different and equipped with different features. Though, we will not be talking about the difference here; rather, we’ll be discussing what’s better between Nikon vs canon DSLR. “Nikon vs canon DSLR which one should I buy” is often a question when you are deciding between two best brands. Buying a DSLR could be complicated, and once you start collecting lenses the harder & costly, it becomes to change brands. And, since the two brands function differently, changing the brand would mean learn the minor things once more.

So the question here is:Nikon vs canon DSLR? Which one is the winner?

The answer is– NONE! We cannot choose a clear winner from the Nikon vs Canon DSLR battle, as both exhibit excellent picture qualities. If only one of them provided a better camera feature every time, the other brand would have been out of the league a long time ago. However, for beginners, Nikon DSLR camera for beginners starts at a reasonable option with full of features and the terminology of Nikon is easy to comprehend when you are starting from square one. Both offers to shot better quality videos but canon seems to have smoother autofocus and offers specific lenses for cinematography.

If we talk about speed both Nikon and cannon has the same speed of autofocus however you could sense a subtle distinction in their burst speed rate. Cannon’s full-frame 1D X has 14fps while Nikon DS4 only has 11fps. In the entry level, budget friendly models, Nikon offers much speed than cannon. So here, in the battle between Nikon vs Canon DSLR regarding speed Nikon gets the spot.

If we are to talk about the entry level options canon is a no match with Nikon’s camera. The older Canon models are available at 500$; however, the newer Canon models are available at 800$ without any lenses, which means the 800$ price tag is just for the body only. The Nikon D3300 provides full DSLR ability to beginners at just 650$ price tag, not to forget they come with a kit lens as well. So, its a win-win situation for the beginners if you are choosing Nikon over canon in this Nikon vs Canon DSLR battle.

At the end of the day what matters is your choice. Neither of the two is a bad choice. So, choose wisely! Still, if you are confused between Nikon vs Canon DSLR go through the model’s specification (whichever you choose) of both brands and then decide which one to go for.


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