best morning routine gadgets

Waking up early in the morning and head to the office is such a hard task for every one us, and we all could relate to it. It is a chaotic rush every morning, especially mine! From showering to prepping breakfast, to get ready for the office in a short period- it is A LOT! Which is why we have accumulated some of the best morning routine gadgets to make your life much more comfortable.

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Best morning routine gadgets

  1. Heated Shaving Cream Dispenser

Smacking cold shaving gel or spray on your face could come as a shock to the system. This heated shaving cream dispenser would warm your product in 2 min. It retails for only $19.

2. Nostalgia Retro Breakfast Station

If you like having a full meal, the Retro Series Breakfast Station is the one for you. This station has a coffee maker, a grill, and a toaster oven. It basically could feed the entire family. This would be the best morning routine gadget that costs only $69.99.

3. Smarter 2nd Generation Connected Coffee Machine

To all the coffee lover, you might want to buy this smarter coffee machine! This machine lets you schedule your brew for waking up time and request java via Google or Alexa. It priced at $249.99 only.


best morning routine gadgets

4. Y-Brush 10-Second Deep Cleaning Toothbrush

When in a rush in the morning, it is pretty easy to skip brushing your teeth. Y brush proffers a quick solution; it has a vibrating silicone tipped bristles that works in only 10 seconds. Isn’t it is the best morning routine gadgets to follow? It is priced for only $125.

5. Lenovo Smart Google Assistant Clock

This nightstand let you have all the info regarding weather forecasts, and check your schedule before getting out of bed. Moreover, it could order your coffee and control your smart lights, as well. It costs only $79.99.

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6. ZENS Dual+Watch Aluminum Wireless Charger

You wouldn’t want to wrestle with your cables when you’re already late for your work. The Zens Wireless charger is here to make your job easier. It has spaces for two phones, as well as for your Apple watch. It is priced for $111.63.

7. Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

This alarm works with a subtle glow to wake you up in the morning. You would feel as if you have woken up by the rising sun. This amazing alarm clock costs $99.95 only.

8. Balmuda-Toaster

No one likes having burnt toasts, and this toaster is here to save the day. This inventive device needs only a tiny amount of steam to maintain control of the temperature. It is only for $348.09. Get the best morning routine gadgets to start your day in a perfect and hassle-free manner.

9. Aqua Dew Alexa Shower Speaker

This would be the best morning routine gadget with whom you would want to start your day. The aqua Dew speaker allows you to enjoy music and radio when you shower. It costs only $84.

10. VogDUO USB-C Car Charger

We all have been thru the frustration of not having our phone charged by morning, and ended up with 0% battery. Not to worry- the VogDUO USB car charger is here for you! You could charge your phone as well as your tablet in the course of your driving to work. This costs only $39.99.

11. Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi

Girls!! This is the best morning routine gadget that you’re gonna love for sure. All the makeup enthusiast should install this in their bathroom. It gives a tru-lux light system to assist you in applying makeup. It has an inbuilt smart speaker and a smart night light, as well. It hasn’t launched yet; however, it would soon hit the market in September, this year. And it is priced at only $400.

These are best tech gadgets we could come up so far. So, which one of these best morning routine gadgets are you going to buy? If you have something more to share than this list, let us know!


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