5000 headphones

When it comes to choosing between a wired headphone and a Bluetooth headphone you will naturally go for a Bluetooth headset than the wired one. Since Bluetooth headphones are convenient to carry almost everywhere, you cannot deny the fact, as much comfortable wireless headphones could be, they tend to make your appearance look more on the classier side as well. If you’re looking for under  ₹ 5000 headphones or Bluetooth headphones under 5000, look no further; as we are here with eight best wired & wireless headphones that you can buy less than rs 5 000.

Bluetooth headphones under 5000

  1. Skullcandy uproar- 3,999

This Skullcandy bluetooth headphones under 5000 can connect to your device wirelessly from up to 33 feet away. It has an excellent bass with a battery life up to 10 hours. You can adjust the volume and manage music files on any Bluetooth device with the help of the OnBoard mic. The ear pads are soft that are covered in synthetic leather which gives a great listening experience.

What could be better than this, a wireless headset with excellent features, that too, under rs 5 000? This bluetooth headphone under 5000 is a steal deal.

  1. Jabra move- 4,500

This pair of wireless headsets from Jabra is not that heavy, unlike other wireless headphones, thus, comfortable for long hours of music listening. If you ever run out of charge, needn’t worry as this headset comes with a wired playback that allows you to listen to music when it runs out of battery. The battery life is excellent as well, lasts up to 7 hours and charges from 0 to 100% real quick.

This bluetooth headphones under 5000 built with high-quality plastic gives you a firm and sturdy feeling.

  1. Boat Rockerz 600- 2,250

This under ₹ 5000 headphones highlights extra bass with precise and powerful audio which is hard to find in any Bluetooth headphones under such price range. The battery life of the Boat Rockers lasts up to 8 hours with 100 hours standby time on one charge only.

  1. JBL T450BT- 2,980

The JBL bluetooth headphones under 5000 are lightweight, fat folding and comfortable to the ears. It has a mic as well. This headset has an excellent and deep bass. Furthermore, you can manage calls and music from the earcup of the headphone. The battery life of the JBL T450BT can run up to 11 hours with only a single charge.

It is a great deal if your budget is tied up to rs 5 000; you won’t regret it surely.

  1. Philips SHB7000

Not only it is excellent with canceling noises; the SHB7000 is compatible with Google assistant and Siri as well. It also comes with a cord to help you in listening to music when the battery drains out; however, you can’t receive phone calls after you connect the wire with the headset. Also Read: Average UK home has more than £2,000 worth of broken gadgets

Best under ₹ 5000 headphones

  1. Sennheiser HD 429

With its large over the ears aspect the HD 429 delivers a crisp, might and clear sound. It is filled in abundance with powerful & fresh bass and smooth treble that doesn’t hurt your ears with its sharpness. It is one of the best under ₹ 5000 headphones; however, the only con to this headset is the unfoldable design and the single- button remote. this is a must have gadgets for those people who want to take their music experience to another level.

  1. Sony MDR-XB50AP

Let’s be real. You cannot expect to have a list of headsets without SONY. When it comes to powerful bass, Sony MDR-XB50AP does justice; it has a fantastic bass, though little bit overpowering the rest of the frequency range. Though it provides a decent amount of details, however, the euphonious mids and highs relatively compliments each other. Priced at 1859, this would make the best choice to go for if your budget is under rs 5 000.

  1. SoundMagic E10s

The E10s is the most recommended under headphones in almost every sound-list. With its dynamic and brilliant details, the SoundMagic is very well-adjusted in cooperation with powerful bass and clear highs and striking mids. It’s catchy design and built quality, makes it the most recommendable here.

Priced at only 2199, this is a great deal if you’re looking for under ₹ 5000 headphones. These headphones are deal breaker at such price range, as most of us couldn’t afford to buy the most expensive headphones, unlike the affluent members of the society.



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