breathing to lose weight

Have you ever given up on the idea of exercising or yoga while trying hard on losing the weight? Those healthy body habits and healthy life hashtags suddenly stands no meaning as it is taking a lot of effort and hard work and who love doing things (anything) in the hard way? No one! Especially when it comes to losing weight and suddenly you have to give up on all the things you loved eating. However, it is also not good to keep the belly fat attached to your body as if it is your best friend- not only it looks bad but could lead to dangerous health hazards down the road. I know exercising is not everyone’s cup of tea, however, what if there’s an alternative? Do you know there is an exercise called breathing to lose weight?

Yes, you heard me. Breathing’s not only for keeping ourselves alive, however, keeps you healthy as well by removing belly fats. Breathing to lose weight is an effective exercise as it ameliorates your digestion and metabolism. Not only that, it detoxifies your body as breathing helps releasing 70% of the toxins out of human’s body. Shallow breathing collects toxins in humans’ body which could result in the development of illness in the near future.

These 4 exercises of breathing to lose weight could be effective if you’re looking for a way to lose weight without pushing your limits.

Breathing exercises for weight loss

  1. Diaphragm exercise

Diaphragm exercise

One of the most effective exercises of breathing to lose weight. This exercise would make your abdominal muscles more supple. Grabbing your diaphragm while breathing augments your lung capacity, moreover, this exercise helps in toning your body, as well.

In order to perform this exercise, lie flat on the floor and watch your stomach and chest moving up & down while you’re breathing. Try breathing deeper with each breathe. You could do this exercise of breathing to lose weight any time of the day, just not after you have your food.

  1. Belly breathing

Belly breathing

This exercise aims at your diaphragm and the muscle beneath your lungs. This exercise of breathing to lose weight stimulates your stamina, energy, and helpful in curing anxiety issues, as well. You could perform this exercise either in a sitting or standing position, whichever position comforts you.

Your mind should be relaxed and not think about other things. Put your hands on your belly and your thumb should be close to your naval. Your chest shouldn’t rise and your abdomen should widen whilst doing the exercise.

Breathing to lose weight

  1. Shinning the skull breathing

Shinning the skull breathing

This exercise of breathing to lose weight toughens the muscles and mitigates respiratory issues. To execute this exercise, sit in a comfy position and breathe in deeply and grab the muscles of your stomach whilst you’re exhaling. You could do this 10x and come back to normal breathing for 5 seconds and repeat it 3x.

  1. Japanese breathing weight loss- long breath diet

Miki Ryosuke, a Japanese actor, recently discovered a natural method that assisted him in losing weight. After enduring severe back pain issues, Miki’s doctor suggested him to perform a certain exercise in order to aid alleviates his pain. After performing this exercise he lost 28.7 pounds in few weeks. He named this exercise as the long-breath diet.

To execute this exercise, stand in your feet and inhale for 3 seconds and exhale with a great power for 7 seconds.

Though these deep breathing weight loss results might take few weeks in order to show up. However, these exercises of breathing to lose weight isn’t that hard to perform, so it shouldn’t be problem continuing these exercises.


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