Everybody these days want to be called as a ‘tech-savvy’ even if they aren’t only to look cool amongst their friends. Especially when it comes to cool computer hacks, everybody wants to learn them. It is pretty evident when it comes to showing off your skills and knowledge about the technology hacks you wouldn’t miss it for the world. Many use these tech hacks for torrenting without realising what happens if you get caught torrenting. Back to technology hacks, as the time is moving forward, technology is evolving as well and so does humankind. We are all in a search for something efficient that would prove to be a coherent task handler. Today we are here to provide you with some of the cool tech hacks that might be basic but would be effective.

Top 10 technology hacks

  1. Mobile battery life

We all have suffered the agony of “low battery” while we’re doing the most important work. Has it ever happened to you? Im sure it has. However, I have found a cool tech hack which could help you with this situation. Instead of switching off your phone, put it on Airplane mode; this way it won’t juice up your battery life. Switching off and on your phone would much likely to drain your battery life.

  1. Increasing battery lifespan

It’s not about the cell phone batteries we’re talking about; it’s about the TV remote batteries or the torch battery.’ This happens to all of us whenever we are in a middle of an emergency the battery suddenly decides to die, and we are left with the light and no battery. What you can do here is that store the batteries in the freezer. This tech hack helps to increase the lifespan of your batteries.

  1. Futureme.org

The futureme.org enables its user to deliver letters into their own email address. People who are looking to receiving letters than emails, its good news for them. It’d be a good change for all us as well because the only thing I get is my bills in my letterbox.

  1. Downloading YouTube videos

Many might be familiar with this technology hack. However for those who are searching for a hack to download YouTube videos search no more. All you have to do is type www.ss.youtube.com and the rest I think, you’ll figure.

  1. Google timer

Do you know you can set Google as a timer for you? Yes. It’s true. Just type ‘set timer (02) minutes’ on the Google search bar.

  1. Incognito browser

This is an amazing technology hacks that allows you to browse those blocked sites.’ We all have gone through those websites that we been using for so long and out of nowhere the website shows us that the site is block. Incognito browser helps in accessing these blocked websites.

  1. Identifying virus

To identify if there’s any virus in a file, the simplest way to find out about it is when a PDF file ends with ‘exe,‘ move it to the trash without opening it.

  1. Scholar.google

This tech hacks is for the school kids who look for their homework topics but couldn’t find anything better. Go to Scholar.google.com; you will find much useful information effortlessly.

  1. Halt online ads

Everybody hates ads, and by everybody I mean EVERYBODY! But that how half of us are earning- through ads. However, nobody likes having ads in between a video or games. If you are playing games and the ads pop up every five secs, just turn your phone into airplane mode, and there’ll be no more disturbances. Though, this tech hacks won’t work with online games.

  1. If by chance you have closed a tab unknowingly, you can reopen the tab by selecting “ctrl+shift+t.“

  1. Multiple accounts username dilemma

We all have multiple accounts on numerous occasions. And many of these accounts are made primarily to either grab an offer or have forgotten the previous username. This technology hacks would save you from forgetting the usernames. Visit the website called Namechk.com, and it will provide you with all the details regarding what username you put on a site.

  1. Skipping Youtube ads

I don’t remember how many times I have growled in anger because an ad showed up in a Youtube video. I know it sounds dramatic but trusts me many of us don’t like it when this happens. This cool tech hacks is here to help us out to get rid of this annoyance. All you got to do is to type “YouTubeskip” in the URL of a video. An absolute best technology hacks.

  1. Cleanse the unwanted emails

The word ‘unwanted’ is in itself is so ‘unwanted.’ Do you even remember when did you last received anything relevant to your email? The pain of keeping every trash emails out of your sight is an entirely different topic. However, we have come across useful tech hacks that would allow you to clean the unwanted emails from your inbox. The website is known as unroll.me that aids in cleaning up all the unwanted emails and subscriptions.

  1. Quizlet

Quizlet is one a brilliant tech hacks that help people to learn new languages, vocabulary and much more. It also has beneficial supportive tools that assist in making learning a fun task.

  1. You can play any mp3 file or movie directly on our chrome browser. Just drag the file in the chrome window directly. Also Read:- cool gift for your boss who have everything.

Cool computer hacks/ computer tricks and hacks windows

  1. Launch array of programmes

You don’t have to go back to your desktop to open a new window when you can easily do it with a shortcut. Hold onto the shift key and click on the browser’s icon or press ‘ctrl+N’ together and you’ll have an array of a fresh new window. This cool computer hacks is perfect for the lazy people.

  1. The right-click option

This cool computer hacks would save you tons of extra time. The send to’ tool that appears when you right-click on a file or a folder lets you quickly shift a specific folder or a file to a different location, add it to a zip archive or add it as a mail recipient, etc. That’s just the basic tip you see; if you hold the shift key while right-clicking a folder, when you’d go to the ‘send to’ option you’ll see tons of new folders added up.

  1. Pinning common items

If you frequently open a particular template or file pin that specific file to the jump list. If you don’t know how to do that, just drag the file you often use, to the taskbar, and there you have it- no more lengthy process of finding that specific file. Isn’t it the cool computer hacks?

  1. Customizing keyboards shortcut

Window already has its own shortcuts for keyboards, and we all know that. However, do you know you can make your own keyboard shortcut? No need for any third party applications or a mouse; clicking on file is all it needs. Right-click on the programme launch icon and select properties-open the shortcut tab- select the shortcut key and then fill the area by putting the keys you want to allocate for starting a programme. By clicking OK save the entire new shortcuts. Indeed one hell of cool computer tricks.

  1. Fix your “out of sync” videos/audios or subtitles on VLC

‘Out of sync subtitles’ to the most intriguing videos on VLC are THE most frustrating moment. Thank god we have this cool computer tricks that would help us to re-sync the subtitles or any audio/video in VLC. If you are facing this same issue try using the key ‘J’ & ‘K’; it will re-sync the subtitles of any video.

These cool computer hacks would have been so much helpful if only we’d have known them way prior. If any of you holds any knowledge on the technology hacks, do share in the comment section down below.

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