cool gadgets for men who have everything

Gifts for a man who has everything and wants nothing

Girls! I know you all suffer when it comes to gifting something to you guy best friend or
boyfriend or boss. It’s an impossible task to do! Even if you have acquired the right gift for him, his reactions would make you feel so uncomfortable that you might start having second thoughts. Sometimes, you do feel frustrated (Speaking from own experience) that you don’t even think like gifting anything to him. Well, enough blabbering about the men out there. This article is for those poor little souls who are trying hard for their men to give them something meaningful which would bring not big but at least a little smile, for sure. Let’s talk about the cool gadgets for men who have everything and want nothing.

Top 10 cool gadgets for men who have everything

1. Beer brewing kit

Man and beer have a special connection. So why not gift him a beer brewing kit instead! Every guy wants to make his own beer, but due to consisting of so many components no one bothers to brew one for itself. However, this kit includes everything you’d need to get started. Now, no need to bounce for a 100$ brew pot. This beer brewing kit will keep him satisfied for many beers to come.

2. Manly man soap

Men do care about hygiene if you all are thinking they don’t. So, it’s good to gift him something that would give him a little pampering. Moreover, this man soap would not make him smell like fruits or some sorts; rather, it will make him feel manlier. For only 10$ he will get a pleasant fragrance and a smooth skin that he secretly wishes. This also means that it is a unique gifts for men who have everything under 25$.

3. Desktop stress punching bag

Honestly, girl, this would be cool gadgets for your men who have a lot of pressure on his back, but he couldn’t find anything to vent out his frustration. Instead of gifting him those useless stress balls that he’ll eventually lose gift him the desktop punching bag. He’ll surely use this.

4. Beard oil

Now that the beard trend is all over this is the best gift to gift your man. Though, it doesn’t
belong to the category of cool gadgets for men who have everything and wants nothing but still, this would put a big smile on their faces. It would be beneficial for those guys who have a fabulous thick beard and are very conscious about their beards.

5. Comic book coaster

Admit it! Guys love comics and what’s best then gifting them something that has a bit of their inner child reflection to it. Comic book coaster can also be handmade; it’d add a bit of affection too. All you’d need some adhesive, electrical outlet covers and outdoor mod podge.

6. Bluetooth tracker

Men are famous when it comes to losing their keys. This Bluetooth tracker is a cool gadget for men who have everything, and you’re wondering what to gift him now! In case someone moves the location of his keys, he’d know where to find them with his phone. This way he’ll neither lose his cellphone nor his keys. Now, there will be no more asking for keys.

7. KITT kit

If you man is knight rider fan, then this gift would make him go crazy. However, this kit won’t turn his car into a KITT model, but it will surely provide him the famous lights from KITT. It also offers a bonus feature of charging your mobile phone or other devices. It’d sync up with music, but chances are, after getting this kit he will probably be listening to knight rider theme song. This is a great gift comes as cool gadgets for men who have everything.

8. Samsung gear watch

If he’s a tech nerd, gift him this. He’ll be happier than ever. Though there are plenty others
smartwatches in the market but the Samsung gear s3 Classic is sleek and stylish. It comes with IP68 water resistance, receives calls and texts, works well with Samsung Pay, etc via. Bluetooth- all while looking like a standard watch.

9. Skybuds

It’s a cool gadgets for men who have everything. You can gift him this if he loves wireless
products. Though it’s a bit of a costlier (150$) side, but it’s worth splurging your money on.
After all, it’s for your bae! However, they are pretty cheap compared to apple’s air pods. And they also come in different colors and ensure a different fit.

10. SuperStar BackFloat Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This one also costs 150 $, but it’d perfect for him when he is relaxing in the pool or having a shower. It could be connected via Bluetooth, this will, in a way won’t let him miss any calls or texts. Isn’t it a cool gadgets for men who have everything and still wants nothing?

These were some of the lists of gifts for the man who has everything and wants nothing. If you ladies out there have some other ideas in mind feel free to share it with the other ladies in the comment section down below. 😉


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