Cut the chatter on WhatsApp
Cut the chatter on WhatsApp

Don’t you get those murderous desire whenever you send a message by mistake in some unwanted group and everybody responds to it like they were only waiting for that? I mean isn’t it irritating to you or is it just me?? I mean WhatsApp surely is useful to us in many ways, but it is actually unsettling to respond to those unwanted messages and even receive them too. Well, you don’t have to panic anymore now, because thanks to God somebody has actually prayed hard and we have something, actually many things to be thankful to features of WhatsApp new version. New Watsapp updates are kind of blessings to all of us. In case you haven’t heard anything like this, let me tell you how to cut the chatter on WhatsApp groups.

WhatsApp new features 2018

Cut the chatter on WhatsApp

Facebook recently announced in May 2018, its 5 whatsapp new featureswhatsapp chat filter, whatsapp restrict groupwhatsapp group video call- including how to share facebook post on whatsapp. Now, let me start with this new ‘cut the chatter on WhatsApp’ feature.

  • Send messages

This feature allows only admin to send the messages to the following group. In order to enable this setting go to Group Info>Group Settings>Send messages and select only Admin. This feature is helpful in making important announcements and reminders. Moreover, it’s better to have point to point conversations. In this feature, only admin can send messages, rest of the members can only read them.

  • Control of Admin

There is also another problem besides wasteful messaging and that is- people changing group icons and description without being necessary. It’s no point, giving your time to the group icons when you can do something more productive. This feature restricts other members of group (other than the admin) from doing such things.

2) Forwarding restriction

After cut the chatter on WhatsApp feature, another interesting feature is forwarding restrictions. In this feature, whenever someone forwards a message that particular message will be forwarded with a ‘forwarded’ label, indicating it’s not original. And it could it be forwarded to upto 5 people at a time. This will surely save us from any misleading news and information.

New whatsapp updates

3) Group video calling and voice calling

WhatsApp’s new feature of 2018 include this group feature. This feature gives us an opportunity to perform group video calling as well as voice calling. We can connect upto 4 people in a single call. This is an amazing feature to have.

4) Time and location stickers

WhatsApp now come up with two new stickers that includes a clock, that would show time and another is location sticker.

5) Saved voice messages

Many a time this happens that when you are recording your message, due to some problems your message gets lost. Either some call appears or your phone hangs or whatever. This feature allows us to avoid such problem. You can record your message and stop it if some calling occurs and get back to that again.

6) Re-download old image

You can download your old image from now onwards. Servers will have your 3months old media files, so even if you delete them you can download them again.

7) Visibility of media files

According to the new updates, we can now manage our files in the gallery as per our choice. From now onwards, it’s not necessary that all the whatsapp files that you download will be shown in your phone gallery. You can change these settings accordingly. Now you don’t have to panic whenever your brother or sister or one of your parents asks or accidentally opens your phone gallery.



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