deep web vs dark web

Deep web vs Dark web

When it comes to an understanding the difference between deep web and dark web many don’t get the picture here. Some confuse themselves when it comes to finding out more about deep web vs dark web. Sometimes it often happens that people are interchanging the term ‘deep web’ with ‘dark web.’ The difference between deep web and dark web is quite simple but before we jump right into the concept of deep web vs dark web, you should what they actually stand for?

Deep web

The contrary term for the deep web called as the surface web, which can access by anyone using the Internet. Michael k. Bergman a computer scientist first coined the term Deep web in 2001.

The Deep web or the invisible web is the massive part of the Internet that is inaccessible to the regular search engine. Deep web contents include chat messages, email messages, private content on social media platforms, electronic bank statements, and other contents that are available over the internet but is not crawled and indexed by search engines like, Yahoo, Google, Bing.

deep web and dark web

The reason behind not indexing contents on deep web is many. The reason may be that someone owns the content, in which the contents can only access by the approved visitors coming in through VPN(virtual access network). Another reason being the content may be a commercial one which is only accessible by the owners who have paid a fee.

The fact how vast the Dark web is is still unknown. However, many experts evaluate that search engines index and crawl is less than 1% of all the content that is examined over the internet.

Dark web?

Dark web is a component of the World Wide Web and a that needs a special tool to access. Once entered, any website can be accessed through a browser in the same way as the regular web.

But, some sites are actually ‘hidden’, and no search engines index these ‘hidden’ websites and is only accessible if you know the site’s address. There is also a crowdsourced Assassination Market where users pay to assassinate someone.

Dark web is a place of total anonymity where many groups stay anonymous and hidden from the government and legal enforcement. However, the dark web mostly used by the terrorists, pedophile groups and criminals who keep the secrets of their dealing.

Is the dark web illegal?

It is not a crime to use the dark web if you are only browsing it. However, if the sites you’re browsing contain illegal contents such as child pornography, human trafficking, then I’m afraid you’re indulging yourself in a darker dimension.

There are a lot of websites that sell stolen items, weapons and drugs; even if you’re only browsing the site doesn’t make you a criminal. However, if you are buying illegal goods knowingly from the dark web, you are indulging in an illicit work here. So, to answer this question – is the dark web illegal? No, it’s not unless you’re doing nothing on it.

What is Dark web monitoring?

Dark web monitoring or cyber monitoring is a product that prevents identity theft. It allows you to detect your identity information on the dark web and if you find your identity online, you will get a notification.

What is the Difference between the deep web and dark web?

Here is the difference between deep web and dark web As I have said in the beginning, there is so much confusion between the deep web and the dark web, which is quite similar concepts but has some significant difference between deep web and dark web.

If we talk about the deep web vs dark web unlike the deep web, sites on the dark web are often publicly accessible. However, you can’t access them without using special software that encrypts and anonymizes your connection in some way. The best-known software is ‘the onion router’ or ‘Tor.’ It works by encrypting data when sent and recover it through some nodes until it arrives at its destination.

Each node encrypts enough of the message to know where to bounce next, so only the receiving user knows the actual content. Because of Tor’s high level of anonymity, it has earned a reputation for all kinds of illegal stuff like trafficking of weapons, drugs, animals, humans, higher scans of botnets and all sorts of disreputable enterprises.

However, it may sound unbelievable to some you because some group of online criminals didn’t invent ‘tor’ for some money, it was developed by the US Navy to protect sensitive military data. Though there are a lot of nobler uses of Tor; they can protect human rights activists, anti-democratic people with a radical opinion or people from mainstream hiding from abusers or whistleblowers. Also Read:- Google grasshopper coding app launched for beginners.


Even though, websites in majority deal with illicit activities on the dark web. Sites like Facebook, ProPublica, the intercept have their version with ‘.onion’URL; and nothing illegal is happening on these websites. Whistleblowers, Journalists and internet activists use it to avoid restrictions, maintain privacy and anonymity while exchanging information.

No tool is bad in quality on the Internet. The only thing that makes a tool dark and evil is the reason for using it. So, in the same way, the dark web is not an evil thing. We hope that now you are all understood the whole matter on the deep web vs dark web.


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