The Digital license plate is on its way to save the people of California as well as the people living in other states of the United States- from registering or updating their license plate every year with those annoying stickers.

These plates are now being tested in California, which is equipped with computer chips. This chip would exhibit the license plate number. Not only that, it holds the capability to show personal messages as well, however, only if the California Department of motor vehicles allows it.

Digital license plate and what they do?

Digital license plate

The company that designed this digital license plate is known as Reviver Auto. According to them- they are transforming the 125 years old stamped metal license plate into a multi-functional, cool looking digital display, and linked vehicle platform, alongside,  transporting multiple organization to businesses, agencies, government, and customers.

The most amazing part about this technology is the ‘automation’ which would simplify the vehicle renewal and registration process. No more dealing with the pesky stickers!

According to Allan Cooper, it is not some heavy and solid big piece of metal, he told this to News 10. Your vehicle registration becomes renewable; all you have to do is to pay online and it’s renewed- he further added. Useful update:- 15 Best accessories for car that you actually need. 

California license plate

The Digital license plate technology is capable of general advertising campaigns or public messaging like an ‘amber alert.’ In addition to that, it can provide real-time information about the vehicle to which they’re connected to, as well.

For instance, if a car is stolen, police could use the digital license plate to track down the car. However, the tracking capabilities build privacy concerns for the people who are viewing the technology with a lack of conviction.

Currently the law– written by Sen. Ben Hueso and D-San Diego- says that the information exchanged between the government and the device shall be restricted to what is requisite for showing registration agreement and that is it.


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