digital twin

GE vice president of software research Colin Parris puts on an AR headset, in an exceptional moment at Minds+ Machine 2016, and used voice recognition on the main stage to exhibit how the digital twin could cover the digital abilities for overhauling a steam turbine. The ge digital twin technology prompted to wear detected in the turbine displayed him the trouble area and equipped with various options on how to confront the situation based on the property’s history.

GE Digital twin technology

GE has about 551,000 digital twins in the market today with more of them created every day. Technology has evolved beyond looking at the information; it is creating 3D models to comprehend how the equipment would perform and give choices to extend a property’s life for better business results.

To create an overall digital model, GE digs deep into any information/data related to industrial goods, following the digital work. The work begins with the evolvement of new equipment. The digital twin technology work continues to predict what will come next and recommend optimization and improvement all through the cycle.

digital twin

GE’s platform for the Industrial Internet enables the ge digital twin built on Predix, to unfold that information and detect what might happen next with a good, whilst consistently learning and improving the assets. The digital twin technology is a natural fit for the powerful organization and aviation industry where unexpected apparatus failure is not taken into consideration.

Through ge digital twin, the requirement to overhaul jet engines can be decided in advance. After a plane spends much of its time in the sand & dry air of the middle-east, this technology could recommend redeploying the jet plane in a different climate that offers cooler, moist air to lessen the risk of engine failure in future.

The focus behind this technology is to go beyond than working with assets; the costs of service vs. replacing a whole model are examined as well. Its potential to deliver early predictions, warning and optimization are universal. We anticipate the digital twin to be applied to human beings, playing an important role in healthcare.


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