crazy social media trends in 2018

Social media is a robust platform, especially for the marketers. Due to its constant evolvement, we got to see some crazy social media trends in 2018; however it’s not over yet, we are yet to see what’s next? From Instagram to Facebook to Twitter, everybody is trying to taste these social media trends. Some are busy discovering the secret behind how to get famous on insta, while some are struggling on how to secure Instagram or, how to recover hacked facebook account or maybe how to secure twitter account?

The thing is, most people have indulged themselves so much in these crazy social media trends in 2018 that half of them don’t even realise what they are apparently doing?

Upon some research, I have come up with top 5 crazy social media trends in 2018 that might stick for a long time.

Crazy social media trends in 2018

  1. Instagram stories

Instagram stories

It was an instant hit when Instagram added this feature into their app. The viewers of Instagram stories exceeded daily Snapchat viewers within one year of its launch, and the counting is still on.

Instagram stories are beneficial particularly for the marketers since Instagram metrics are highly trackable as compared to other transient video platforms.

As a matter of fact, ever since it stories feature launched users time spent on Instagram increased to 28 mins per day. Also Read:- How to become instafamous?

However, it’s not only the users that are participating. There are more than 1 million advertisers that are actively utilizing stories each month.

  1. Brand protection

Brand protection

Social media is full of copyright violations, fraud news, mudslinging and what not. To keep a check on this, social media introduced a lot of new techniques at the same time; brands will have to be careful as it affects their reputation as well.

Social media trends today

  1. More AR & face filters

crazy social media trends in 2018

We have seen these trends since last year, and if you thought they are gone, you’re wrong! It is still under the crazy social media trends in 2018 category.

Face filters have developed in vogue over the past years, however with Instagram’s thrust towards stories you shall anticipate for more.

Instagram has launched more than 20 features in 2017, and most of them were a part of the ‘Stories.’ Brands could anticipate seeing stickers, face filters and augmented reality pursue to navigate social media content in 2018.

  1. Influencer marketing

crazy social media trends in 2018

The usage of influencer marketing is for sure changing in 2018; moreover, it is not a new concept. Companies are collaborating with micro influencers to intensify their reliability.

What is the micro influencer, you ask? They are individuals who have a massive following in social media platforms, however, don’t hold a celebrity cachet.

Surveys depict that micro influencers have more engagement rates (60%) than the conventional celebrity influencers.

  1. Chatbot evolvements

crazy social media trends in 2018

Like everything else, chatbots are evolving as well; from all the way back to AOL instant messaging to 2018. This crazy social media trend in 2018 is growing at a fast rate. The chatbots could identify the word phrases sent to them by the users.

Sure nothing could beat the personal touch of human communication, not yet, at least. However, these chatbots are going on the right path.

As a marketer, you need to stay up to date with the latest trivia in order to reach your prospective clients. So, what social trends in 2018 you will be following?



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