Malta robotics olympiad

Popular Tv show Gadgets coming to life at the Gadgets Expo at Malta Robotics Olympiad. This exhibition display all the newest gadgets in the market and create a sense of excitement amongst its audience, and let them experience the future of technology. The exhibition at the Malta Robotics Olympiad 2019 would take place from May 10-12 at MFCC, TaQali.

The exhibition would be hosted by the presenters of the show itself- Rachel Cachia and Ian Busuttil Naudi. The Malta robotics Olympiad would exhibit gadgets that was never seen before, and visitors would get an opportunity to test the newly launched gadgets, as well. There might be some latest cool gadgets for men who have everything and looking for something new.

Malta robotics olympiad

One of the highlights in the Malta Robotics Olympiad is the Sony AIBO Robot Dog who acts like a real dog. It barks, wags its tail, obeys orders, and find its own bone even. The exhibition would have electric cars, phone repairs, an instagram Box, splash-proof Bluetooth speakers, and much more on its display.

What is the idea behind the Malta Robotics Olympiad?

The main idea behind the MRO technology expo was to concoct an environment where visitors could enjoy the gadgets in an actual manner, and just thru a screen. Gadgets producer & director Justin Camilleri said that after showing the tech gadgets on the show for more than a decade- becoming a part of Malta Robotics Olympiad happened naturally for them. And they are ready to depict the gadgets in a more real manner.

Malta robotics olympiad

Camilleri is in this business of directing and producing with Rachel and Martina for over 10 years now. Rachel said that the show is expanding and the focus of the show is to educate the locals about the tech gadgets in an entertaining way. The exhibition is for both gadget and tech geeks, so that they become closer to the technological world.

Zammit also expressed her views by saying that technology has pushed the world into different extents, and they are doing the best in order to let the people encounter the future, today. Further, she stated that Gadgets is proud to become a part of this event, and see the Expo as a fête of all tech things.

The Malta Robotics Olympiad would have the top tech brands, a digital career expo, and a robot sumo challenge. The digital career expo is for the young adults and teens who are seeking information on jobs in the tech industry.

When is the Malta Robot Olympiad exhibition?

The Mro Malta expo event would take place on 10th May from 4 pm to 10.30 pm.

On 11th May from 9pm- 10pm, and

On Sunday 12th May from 9am- 6pm.


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