best fathers day gifts

It is pretty challenging to gift your parents something special. We don’t have the slightest idea as to what gifts would suit our parents. We have accumulated a list of best fathers day gift 2019 that would definitely put a smile on his face. (Though, we are a bit late, but you could still buy them a gift, you don’t need a special day to gift something to your parents, do you?.)

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Best fathers day gift 2019

  1. Essential pockets- $16

This would be perfect for the rooms that have limited space. This bedside essential pocket is an amazing way to merge various gear without needing an entire nightstand.

  1. Bitmap Coaster- $10

Smart up your room with these archaic coasters, introducing a bitmap design by Susan Kare. She is the one who built the iconic original Macintosh icons.

  1. Mondain watch- $189

Gifting a watch to your father would be an excellent and the best fathers day gift 2019. Mondaine’s watches proffer a simple and clean style centred on Swiss railway clocks.

For whatever your travel plans might be, you always need a good, dependable piece of luggage. This Nautica suitcase is small enough to carry on a plane, surprisingly sturdy, and the spinner wheels make it easy to roll around in multiple directions. Price: ~$100

  1. Nautica suitcase- $100

If your father travels a lot, then this piece of luggage would deem perfect. This suitcase is tiny enough to fit on a plane. It is remarkably sturdy, and the wheels make it easier to roll anywhere in multiple directions. It would be the best fathers day gift 2019.

  1. Popsocket- $10

This popsocket attaches to the back of your phone, in order to provide a strong handhold or support to uphold your phone on a flat shell. This would be fun as well as best fathers day gift 2019.

Best fathers day gifts under $20

  1. Thinoptic glasses- $25

If your dad is someone who’s always misplacing his/her glasses, the thinoptics glasses will ensure your parents would never struggle to read anything. The foldable glasses hook up from your keychain or place in your wallet.

  1. Uniqlo slippers- $15

A comfortable pair of slippers that would not only keep your toes, however, protect your feet from those rowdy Legos and coffee table-bumping accidents.


Let your dad have a better shaving experience with the endways shaving system from oneblade core black shaving kit. This kit includes shaving cream, after shave balm, a month’s supply of blades, and a shaving brush.

  1. Cuisinart classic enamelled cast iron- $40

The classic enamelled cast iron is fantastic, and it offers all the advantages of cast iron, without having your dad worry about taking full care of the seasoning. It is easy to clean and prep easier, as well.

  1. Bonavita electric kettle- $125

If your dad’s a coffee lover, the Bonavita electric kettle’s gooseneck pipe enables you to drizzle with accuracy to prepare pour-over coffee. It is a sophisticated way to start your morning.

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