google wallet peer to peer

Google has incorporated a new feature into its Google pay solution- google wallet peer to peer payment solution- making it a one stop terminus to ask & send for money. Google has added new features as well, such as booking your flight, movie or concert tickets via mobile in its google p2p payment solution.

Gerardo Capiel, director product management-Google wrote on a blog post, Tuesday that you’d find your tickets with your gift cards, loyalty cards and offers, right after you have saved your tickets, on you android app’s new ‘Passes’ tab.

This is to help you with when it’s time for your flight or an event, you could show your phone as a ticket; you don’t need to print your tickets like the old days as the google p2p payment solution has planned for you everything.

Google wallet peer to peer

google wallet peer to peer

Your Google account would be in sync with the google wallet peer to peer Pay so that it could update your payment history and cards information. Capiel further stated in the blog post that you could pay via goggle wallet peer to peer pay on PC or on Iphone- whether you’re on store or on the road, or on your smartphone or via  Google Assistant- you could pay from anywhere, anytime.

Furthermore, they have made some changes regarding payment info management; you can easily administer your payment information in the google p2p app.

Google p2p

Prior this year, google merged an array of its own platform of payment solutions including Android pay and google wallet peer to peer Pay to concoct a uniform Google Pay- focusing on providing services to the customers that are convenient.

According to eMarketer google p2p is currently holding the third position outrunning Samsung Pay in the mobile payment competition; it is right behind Apple pay and Starbucks.

How to use google wallet:

If you are looking for a way to make payments using google wallet peer to peer payment solution on the desktop, here is a simple way on how you can add or send money on desktop using Google pay

  1. Sign up for Google wallet; you need to have a google account in order to sign up for google wallet, which I presume everyone is familiar with.
  2. After signing up, go to the setting page where you’d see an option called ‘verify.’ Verifying your account would enable you to retrieve certain features online as well as on the app.
  3. Create a 4-digit pin to ensure security for your google wallet. Click on ‘Set Pin’ on settings and choose your 4 digit code and tap on create pin
  4. After that, install the Google wallet app from the Google wallet homepage. If you are an Android user click on Android, and it will redirect you to the play store; same with the iPhone users.
  5. After you have installed the app, visit the and click on ‘payment method,’ and click on ‘add to wallet balance;’ type how much amount you’d want to add and how.
  6. Click on add money and it is done.

Here are some of the google wallet reviews given by the users:


google wallet peer to peer


google wallet peer to peer


google wallet peer to peer


google wallet peer to peer











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