the right way to sneeze

You perhaps are accustomed with that annoying, itchy, and weird face-making feeling when you have this sudden urge of sneezing, yet it doesn’t happen? You’re all frustrated- trying to contemplate- why can’t I sneeze anymore? Up until now, I ne’er realised or you could say ‘knew’ that there could be a best way to make yourself sneeze. Seriously?!! There is a right way to sneeze even? Now that you know it, perhaps, you’d want to know what the secrets to the right way to sneeze are?

the right way to sneeze


Whether it is that usual tingling sensation or it is just a feeling of clearing your nose from the blockage, you could sneeze on your own command. Here are few best way to make yourself sneeze or should I say how to sneeze on demand.

The right way to sneeze

  1. Jiggle a tissue in your nose

You could mildly wiggle a tissue inside your nose to create a sneeze. In order to do this, take one side of the tissue and roll it into a point. Put the pointed tip of the tissue into the back of your nose, cautiously and gently wiggle it around.

You might feel a prickling sensation; it activates the trigeminal nerve, which sends a signal to your brain that activates a sneeze.

Some people even suggests to hum while performing this method, however, ensure you haven’t stick up the tissue way too far up into your nose. Also Read:- 10 Unexpected Uses for Everyday Items That Might Save Your Life Someday

  1. Look up to bright light

The best way to make yourself sneeze is by exposing yourself to bright sunlight. It is a thing with most people around the globe; whenever they are exposed to bright light, especially strong sunlight, they tend to sneeze uncontrollably.

However, not everyone has such strong sensitivity toward lights, 1 out of 3 people would sneeze once exposed to bright sunlight.

You might as well, endure such tingling feeling; close your eyes prior uncovering yourself to the bright light. Though be cautious not to look into the light directly.

  1. Smell a spice

There were many a times when you have sniffed pepper, not willingly though, by chance! And the outcome was- your sneezing game became stronger and it was like you don’t know how to put it to halt.

Likewise, when you had this sudden urge to sneeze, however, it’s not happening anytime soon, sniff a spice in order to stimulate a sneeze. Spices trigger nerve endings within the mucous membrane of the nostril.

Be cautious when you sniff the item, too much inhaling of spices might lead to burning and pain. So, experiment with cumin, crush pepper and coriander to find out if they trigger a sneeze.

  1. Tweeze your brows

Did you pay attention to the time when you plucked your brows, you sneezed? Perhaps not. However, do you know why this happens? When you pluck a single strand of your brow, it irritates the nerve ending in the face and triggers the nasal nerve.

Bit of this nerve goes over the eyebrows. The sneeze might occur immediately or take a few attempts in order to stimulate one. Isn’t it the best way to make yourself sneeze? Or, you could say the right way to sneeze. 😉

  1. Eat a piece of chocolate

This would be the best way to make yourself sneeze. Especially for the chocolate lovers out there! Eating dark chocolate that has cacoa in high proportions tend to cause a sneeze. Technically it is known as photic sneeze reflex since it begins sneezing by an obscure stimulation.

It is not yet known why this happens; however it is presumed that the cocoa could be the reason behind it.


The bottom line is you may find these techniques helpful and all of them could be called out as- the right way to sneeze method. However, keep this in mind, not to be too vigorous with it or you might end up making thing.

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