top harmful gadgets

We are in the 21st century and as technology is evolving, we are being introduced with so many various inventions of gadgets that didn’t fail to impress us. And, of course, gadgets are now thoroughly a part of every children’s life. However, gadgets such as phones, computers, and tablets are the top harmful gadgets for them.

These top harmful gadgets work wonders for children- once they get to know how to function them, they’d want it in their hands every minute. Recent studies suggest that these top harmful gadgets are destroying your child’s health. Long screen time is hazardous for children.

Numerous studies exhibit that video games, social media, YouTube, and Tv are extremely addictive. Doctors said that staring at the screen for a prolonged time could have a direct effect on brain development. Contributing to an inactive lifestyle, and direct to poor or delayed reading skills.

Children spend too much time on these top harmful gadgets and those who are much likely to spend too many hours on screens are prone to demonstrate aggressive behavior since they naturally exhibit what they see on the internet.

top harmful gadgets

Few cases revealed that children display a lack of energy and find it difficult to concentrate on their studies in school or home.

Harmful effects of gadgets on youth

Health hazard

Some top harmful gadgets are so addictive that they do not let young adults and children involve in physical activities which are vital for their brain development.

A child gadget addiction could lead to physical inactivity. It could cause a lot of health issues, comprising obesity and overweight. Recent studies concluded that children are gaining weight and getting obese at a disturbing rate. Studies display that in developed countries, shocking 34 % of teens and children are either presently overweight or under the risk of being overweight.

A research done in the Journal of Human Brain Mapping, confirmed by numerous studies- people who are overweight or obese tend to have smaller brains as compared to thin people.

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top harmful gadgets


A smaller brain indicates low brain function. This could affect every side of one’s life, including professional and relationships development.

Some top harmful gadgets have been shown to mess up the sleep schedule. The blue light produced by the sharp screens could get in the way with our natural bodily rhythms, blocking melatonin- a vital sleep hormone, from releasing. Studies also suggested that children below the age of 2 years should watch only selected educative content for a limited time.

And those who are amid 2-5 years shouldn’t spend more than an hour on screens. Children imitate their parents- if parents read a book, children are more likely to spend their time reading books. If they see you glued to your devices maximum time, then chances are they’d too. In order to stop your children from gravitating towards these top harmful gadgets, try adopting these habits to see if it works for real.

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