how to get famous on insta

We all want to be famous one way or another; however, we do not know the idea how? Whenever I scroll through my Instagram account’s feed and turn to users who have a massive follower count; it always made me wonder, seeing such profiles- how to get famous on insta or how to become instafamous? Taking selfies and then choosing one of the instagram worthy pics amongst those 100 selfies is an onerous task, isn’t it girls? However, sometimes capturing images in some instagram worthy place could help you boost you followers count.

In this article we have covered everything; from how to get famous on insta to instagram worthy place. Though after you are done finding out the secret on how to become instafamous checkout our article on how to secure instagram in 5 easy steps. It will help you to stay secure from any mischief activity.

How to get famous on insta

Use #tags

You may have seen your friends doing this “hashtag” thing on their pictures on Instagram, and you sometimes wonder why is he/she using so many useless hashtags? I remember asking one of my friends about this trend, and the answer was short and simple- it is to gain followers and become instafamous!

If you are wondering how to get famous on insta or how to become instafamous- pay attention to what’s trending and use those hashtags in all of your Instagram worthy pics. Some of the popular hashtags are the #nofilter, #flawless,#nochill and #tbt.

Follow others

Discover insta users whose posts you enjoy and start following them. Try commenting on their photos and like their pictures. It is tough to become famous on Instagram without interacting and exchanging likes.

Link your Facebook account

Everyone has at least 1000’s of friends on facebook and pretty sure they would be willing to follow you. By linking your Facebook account, your friends would know you are on Instagram; chances are they will follow you, and you follow them back. This way you could gain insta followers in no time.

Share you insta photos on other social media platforms

Another tip on how to become instafamous is when you post some new pictures, click on your chosen social media platform under the option ‘share’; enter your password & username. This will allow the users on the other social media a chance to follow your id on Instagram.

Post catchy contents

While you share photos on your facebook or blogs via Instagram, retain some contents especial to Instagram. Let your insta account be where everyone could get to see the other side of you.

Persuade your followers to tag their friends on your posts

If you have posted something funny in your Instagram, try to caption it as- tag three friends who’d think it’s funny. When people start tagging their friends, possibilities are they will like it and start following you.

Add location when you post photos

instagram worthy place

Using Geotagging in your photos allows users to see where you went; it is a fantastic way to lure and gain new followers. However, keep in mind geotagging share your location with the whole world, so avoid using this feature when you’re at home or somewhere else where you do not want to bother in person.

To tackle this situation as to how to become instafamous fast, you need to take some instagram worthy pics to lure followers into your account. This may seem like a little work however it is vitally important when it comes to getting that perfect shot!

How to get instagram worthy pics

Use your phone’s camera

Why? Because it’s better. With the actual app you couldn’t get to save your pictures taken from it; however, you can take bazillion of images through your main camera in better quality. We girls have to go through this struggle every day when it comes to choosing that perfect instagram worthy pics. Having a backup of 100 images of our attempt in taking the best selfie-shot, ensures that our efforts don’t go in vain. Though 100 selfie is a huge number, but i guess you got the point. This is the key point to remember when you are looking for an answer to how to get famous on insta.

Always take your photos in ‘square mode.’

This was a little secret until this little secret was no more a secret. 90% of the Instagram users use this technique to get that perfect shot. Sometimes, photo mode can distort the image, especial when you crop it to a square.

Lighting is the key

To have an instagram worthy pics better lighting always plays a significant role. I guess, everyone knows that now. However, those who didn’t know about it should know that never take a photo when its dark or the lighting isn’t doing any justice.

Use consist filter

To have that instagram worthy pics, keep the same general vibe for your photos. Using the various amount of filter for every picture you post would give an eerie feeling to the users.

Instagram worthy place on earth

If you are on vacation, it’s certain that you would Instagram everything you are experiencing, and of course, post your instagram worthy pics. There are several places on earth that are called the ‘instagram worthy place.’ Here are the top 3 lists on best instagram worthy place on earth

Siam Paragon, Bangkok

This is one of Asia’s largest shopping centres which possess a huge movie theatre, a concert hall, bowling alley and the biggest aquarium in south East Asia. Moreover, it is nothing like what you have got back home, which is the reason why many people Instagrammed it.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

This place has received the highest number of Instagram pictures; it is one of the favorite spots for every New Yorker as it offers a dedicated path over the car traffic, providing a relaxed place for capturing photographs. This is another popular spot that comes under the’ instagram worthy place.’

The strip, las vegas, Nevada

Last but not the least is-‘the strip;’ it has so many photo opportunities across the Las Vegas strip, it is not a surprise why it is the most instagram worthy place on earth. With its infinite number of casinos where everyone tries to beat one another, this place is like a mini version of the world tour. From the Eiffel tower to the statue of liberty, you could get to see these popular, though replica spectacle, very quickly. Read:- vacations that you need to take in your life for more places.

What to post on Instagram

How to become famous on insta or how to become instafamous; these questions must have been through your mind once you see people with massive followers count.  You are not alone in this, however, it is unfortunate that Instagram marketing is not as easy as it seems.

There are some methods hidden behind the scenes on how to become instafamous. In order to gain more followers, you need to be aware of the current trending contents. You have to discover what people are thinking.

Post funny contents which would make people laugh- be creative- it would help you to gain many followers once the people star connecting to you and your contents.

ALWAYS post high-quality images on your instagram or at least click your pictures in a place where there is a better lightning.

If you are a creative video editor posting them on your Instagram account is a definite Yes! However, make sure you share them on your facebook as well, to make your reach double than it already was.

I hope this article has given you a little idea on how to get famous on insta along with much additional information.



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