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Do you know what is google photos? Have you ever bat an eye on it, other than the default gallery that you use mostly? I presume not. However, do you know that this feature is much more than just photo storage? You could create Love Stories with the Google photos and not only that; it backs up your images and videos over multiple devices, boasts automatic organization feature and a quick search tool. It enables the users to comment on photos & videos and the access to share your files with your contacts. Making of Google photos love story is an updated feature of the Google photo, with which you can produce your own love story movies by incorporating your memorable pictures with your loved ones. Also Read:-  How instagram IGTV feature works?

What is google photos?

The google photos love story feature comes via the Google assistant amalgamation in the app that provides a love story theme that concocts a love story movie by merging your shots with a sweet background. Alongside the nine existing themes, Google brought a valentines’ day movie theme in February, this year.

How to create google photos love story?

Now that you discover what is google photos? It’s time for you to know how you can create your own love story movie using google photos. Tap on the assistant that is located in the bottom of the Google photo app and go to create new section.  After you have entered the realm of making movies select the love story theme to begin. However, in order to develop the film the theme would need a massive amount of photos of you and your beau and ensure you have enabled the face grouping feature on the Google photos as well so that the assistant could find the faces of both of you.

(People who been wondering why use google photos when they have one built-in already? Well, now you know why?)

Now, once Google acquired all the necessary images for your google photos love story, you can edit the movie with the help of recently added enhanced video editing feature. You could add more pictures to the timelines or change the background music from the preset option. There’s no need to wonder over what is google photos? As this feature is enabled in almost every Android and IOS devices, you will get the hang of it once you start using it.

Furthermore, the google photos love story theme movie can be produced on any Android and iOS devices or through the web directly.



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