new apple IOS

Apple has always been an iconic symbol when it comes to ‘brands.’  Steve jobs has revolutionized the tech industry with its genius mind. There are several interesting facts about steve jobs that you should know. Moving on the news- Apple recently launched its IOS new developer beta version to entitled iPhone users next to those who are public beta users. Generally, the developer beta users get to try the new features first, as the public beta users get the update soon after. The final update then launch to the customers after weeks. The main goal of the new apple IOS update is to experiment new features with limited users and obtain as much feedback as they could get to improve the features and launch to a larger audience.

Last year, Apple announced that they are coming with 3 new apple audio gadgets in 2019. However, we are yet to see when it is going to be released.

new apple IOS

This new apple IOS update beta versions aren’t the last ones, and comes with tons of terms and conditions, causing them to lose data or making you keep your device on rest. So, the company suggests its users to use the pre-released OS version on other apple device, just to be on the safe side.

How do you become a beta user?

  • Visit on your desktop.
  • Go to the sign up button and click on it.
  • Create an account by submitting your details; such as your name, password, email, country, etc.
  • Once you’re done, simply log in and join your IOS device.
  • The page would then ask you to back up all your data before you install the IOS beta software.
  • After that, from you iphone download the configuration profile.
  • On your iphone pass through Settings- General – Software update in order to install the beta version. The device would restart after the installation and you’d be running on the current public beta version.

New apple IOS 13 release date

The new IOS update and IOS 13 features would most probably drop in the month of June, and we are already getting the leaked features concerning the iPhone and iPad update. Apple is ready to incorporate the Dark mode, new designed home screen, and newly built easier-to- access undo gesture features that were expected for a long time.

The new apple IOS dark mode feature-

And the new apple update would most probably be the update wherein Apple finally, finally including the long-awaited ‘dark mode.’ We have been hearing about this feature since ages. The company released a dark mode for mac OS Mojave at WWWC in 2018, so it is apt to hear as per Bloomberg report that IOS 13 would do the same for the iphone and iPad this year.

Another report bets on Bloomberg, and lists few features such as an ‘undo gesture’, and a volume bar re-design. If these rumors are true, this would make it easier for the users to look at the applications during night time.

new apple IOS

Home screen revamp

As last year apple was rumoured to be working on their new home screen, it didn’t tell much about the potential changes. While we have gotten a chance to peek at pieces of information- your next calendar appointment, the latest apple news, and the 5 day weather forecast would be a long- awaited addition.


The new apple IOS update

The IOS 13 reveal date is on June 3, and the first IOS beta would probably arrive within few days after the WWDC keynote, however, it would only be for the paid Apple developers. Those who are public beta users would need to wait.

IOS 13 supported devices

The new apple IOS update could return to lose the oldest devices from Apple’s compatibility record. That implies iPhone 6, 6plus, Ipad Air 2, iPad mini 3, and iPod touch 6the generation may come under the IOS 13 compatibility list when it comes to the oldest devices.

Apple would fundamentally need devices to have the A8 chipset or newer version in order to upgrade to IOS 13. Truthfully, it is apple’s main concern that you upgrade your hardware, as well. We all are familiar with the 2018 incident when the company dropped its battery replacement service charge.

There’s rumour that IOS 13 wouldn’t be compatible for the iPhone 6, 6plus, iPad air 3, and the Iphone SE, as well. However, these are mere rumours, we shouldn’t be all contingent upon it.

One thing is for certain that apple wouldn’t make any official proclamation at WWDC 2019 if the 5S is not in their IOS 13 compatibility list. Also, keep in mind that not every features of the IOS 13 would come to all the devices that would be compatible. As we are closer to Apple’s WWDC 2019 keynote in June, we are expecting more leaks to surface about what apple is experimenting on for its new apple IOS update.


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