how to prevent bowel cancer

Cancer! The word is enough to concoct fear inside a human’s mind and soul. Nobody would ever want to die out of cancer; undergo painful chemotherapy, living in despair, feeling dejected- a cancer patient has to go through a lot that we could ever think of. Cancer could be of any kind; skin, breasts or bowel cancer, you name it. Do you know bowel cancer could hit even the healthiest person? However, it could be prevented by some simple lifestyle changes, as per the doctor. 42,000 people each year diagnosed with bowel cancer, out of which 95% of them are above 50. Bowel cancer prevention has become a major concern and we are here with some tips on how to prevent bowel cancer.

How to prevent bowel cancer

how to prevent bowel cancer

Bowel cancer diet plan

How to prevent bowel cancer, is no doubt, a concerning question in itself, we do not care much about cancer until it happens to one of our loved ones. In order to prevent the risk of bowel cancer here are some tips that you need to follow:

  1. Don’t cut out carbs completely

To start off with how to prevent bowel cancer you need to stick to carbs. Carbs might be a “no go” if you are looking forward to lose some weight. Furthermore, it’s good if you’re trying to incorporate healthy body habits into your life. However, experts have some different theory of theirs; according to them fibres could assist in speeding up food movements through your system.

For the bowel cancer prevention you need to eat foods that are filled with wholegrain qualities such as rice, pasta and brown bread. These food items helps in your gut as they contain anti-inflammatory properties and vitamin E.

  1. Incorporate fruits

Incorporating fruits and vegetable in your daily life might be helpful in bowel cancer prevention, not since they are another high source fibre.

Several studies concluded that consuming high amount of vitamin C could aid in reducing risk of bowel cancer. If you’re wondering how to prevent bowel cancer then you need to stock up as much oranges and citrus fruits along with berries, pepper and kiwis.

  1. Restrict processed meat

No other reason could be linked as strongly as the reason of consuming red and processed meat. Experts recommends eating red meat less than 500g a week. Processed meat such as salami, bacon and ham put you in a higher risk of bowel cancer.

The World Cancer Research Foundation in order to bowel cancer prevention says that you should substitute your beef mince for vegetarian quorn or turkey and replace ham with chicken.

  1. Eat more fish

One of the greatest substitute for meat is fish. If you’re looking for an answer to how to prevent bowel cancer, this would be your answer. Fish is great when it comes to bowel cancer prevention, especially oily kinds such as mackerel, salmon, anchovies, and sardines.

A study done at king’s College London in 2016, exhibited that consuming just few bites of oily fish a day would keep away the risk of bowel cancer. It is because these fishes are high in omega 3 and contains anti-inflammatory properties in a higher amount as well as filled with Vitamin D which assist keeping an eye on cancer.

  1. Stop drinking

Putting limit on your drinking habit is an obvious however, simple course in order to prevent bowel cancer. Studies shows that drinking alcohol at a proper measurement may help you with bowel cancer prevention. For example, a tiny tonic and gin has only one unit of alcohol, however, a large 250ml glass of wine contains more than 3 units.

Moreover, if you’re planning to drink at home try not to pour yourself more than suggested measure.

What causes bowel cancer?

The exact reason for the cause of bowel cancer still hasn’t been discovered yet. Though there are some factors that might give rise to bowel cancer:

  1. Age: people over the age of 50 are at a higher risk of bowel cancer.
  2. Polyps: a large number of polyps in bowels.
  3. Bowel disease: people with inflammatory diseases such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, have higher risk of bowel cancer, especially if they have been suffering from it for more than 8 years.
  4. Family history: if your family has had a history of bowel cancer, you might likely to have it as well.
  5. Lifestyle: intake of red meat in higher quantity, drinking alcohol, being overweight and smoking intensify the risk.
  6. People who have had bowel cancer in the past more likely at a risk of having second bowel cancer. Those who have undergone ovarian or endometrial cancer may have the chances as well.

Bowel cancer symptoms

  1. Sudden change in bowel habit such as constipation, diarrhoea, or frequent bowel movements.
  2. Feeling of bloating or fullness in the rectum or bowel
  3. Blood in the toilet paper or stool
  4. Anal or rectal pain
  5. Fatigue or weakness
  6. Lump in the anus or rectum
  7. Swelling or abdominal pain
  8. Low blood red blood cell count which causes tiredness and weakness.
  9. Unexplained weight loss

Bowel cancer treatment

Treatment for bowel cancer depends upon what stage you’re at. After discovering what stage of bowel cancer you have, you would undergo treatments that includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, in case of early bowel cancer treatment.

However in case of advanced bowel cancer you might undergo treatments such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or biological therapy that assist in shrinking the cancer, lessen symptoms and aid in making you feel better.


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