how to recover hacked facebook account

A 10-year-old has a Facebook account nowadays. Facebook has always been ‘in-demand social media network’ that has exceeded 1 Billion users worldwide. I might sound like I’m exaggerating, but I’m not! Surveys suggested that the number of active users of Facebook crossed 1Billion, making it the first such social network to do so. There have been cases like account hacking in the past as well, in which, many users didn’t know how to recover hacked facebook account of theirs.

Facebook account hacked how to recover?

Facebook is the most popular social networking platform which is prone to hacking always. No matter how much security measures you put in your account, it could get hacked one way or another, anytime, anywhere. However, if ever such incident happens to you or with anyone amongst your known-ones, instead of panicking, look for the solution! Take a deep breath, relax and start working on your facebook recover account.

We will share some tips on how you can recover your hacked Facebook account with these steps.

How to recover hacked facebook account?

If your Facebook account is hacked and you want to get it back but don’t know how to recover facebook account of yours, follow these steps:

Change your password- You’d need to remember your email address and mobile no. in order to change your password.

  1. Go to ‘forget password’ option.
  2. Type your mobile no. in the text box and search.
  3. After that, it will exhibit your profile with ‘recovery email’ address and mobile no., if there’s any. Click on ‘mobile number’ or ‘email address’ you are accessing currently and then click ‘continue.’
  4. Select your mobile number or email, click ‘continue.’
  5. You’ll get a text regarding ‘recovery code’; copy it and enter in the text box.
  6. Set a new password for your account. You’re, done!

As of now, there is no contact or support number of Facebook, on which a user can connect to address their grievances. It is a bummer! However, you can write an email to for whatever issues you’re dealing with.  Though, it might take a few days to get a response back from the team, as there are several such cases registered in high volume. Security tip:- two-factor authentication, an effective technique

If, you feel that your Facebook account is being misused and the tip mentioned above isn’t helping; ask your friends to report your profile, so that your account gets disabled.

We’ll keep updating this content with the latest tips and tricks on facebook recover account and how to recover hacked facebook account. For the time being, if you have faced such situation with your Facebook profile, share it with us how you dealt with it.

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