how to secure facebook account

Facebook is an excellent app when it comes to connecting with the people from all over the world. You can stay connected with your family, friends, and colleagues. However, having your Facebook account hacked is the most concerned thing that could happen with you. Now, many might be wondering, especially those ‘Facebook addicted’ users- how to secure facebook account.

In this article we’ll share six easy steps on how to secure facebook account from hackers:

  1. If ever you face such situation the first thing you should do is ‘Change your Password.’

Never use your name, birthdates, pet names, or commonly used words. It becomes easier for the hackers to manipulate your password. Make it difficult which only you can remember.

Usually a strong password consist of 8 characters in length, however, the more the better. Lengthy passwords take much time to crack, thus the hacker would take longer time to crack. Also Read:- What is two-factor authentication.

  1. Never use your Facebook password anywhere else.

Every time you create an account for different platform never use the same password you have used for your Facebook account. However, if you’re feeling tired and cannot think of any new passwords you can opt for an online password generator; make sure it’s a trustable website.

  1. Change password once in every 6 months

We’re not talking about the Facebook passbook, this includes all your passwords. And, never share it with anybody.

  1. Never use the ‘remember me password’ feature on web browsers

This is important especially when you’re using someone else’s computer. Whenever the ‘remember me password’ suggestion pops up on the screen click on ‘not now’ option. However, if you have set a master password for your browser, you can choose the remember password feature. Using this feature will prompt anyone trying to see your passwords to enter another password set by you only to show your passwords.

  1. Type your password only with trusted devices

If ever you have to use a computer that you don’t trust, don’t do anything that needs you to enter your password. If it’s not possible for you to NOT type a password into a device you don’t trust, change the password ASAP after you’re done using that computer.

  1. Use a Password Manager

It becomes difficult for us to remember our own passwords. In these situations password managers are of great help; they will encrypt and store your passwords safely.

Now that you have gotten an idea on how to secure Facebook account, be sure to use them all from now. Keep you and your account safe! and here you can check how to secure twitter account



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