how to secure instagram

Instagram is a fun platform where you can explore your artistry side while taking pictures and share it with your friends. It’s a great place to share your work or establish an own brand. It’s a fantastic way to find new content from around the world. However, as we all know, everything comes with a price. Like Facebook, Instagram too could bring a lot of risk to you. There have been several cases related to fake accounts on Instagram, Instagram hacked accounts, etc. There are around 120 million active users on, and pretty sure half of them are fake or been hacked. Doesn’t this make you question yourself- is instagram safe for you or your kids? If not, then how to secure instagram account of a user?

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Is Instagram safe?

how to secure instagram

Well, if you’d ask me if it’s safe for children? I’d say, no. Definitely not! It is a photo sharing and messaging app, and the age-limit for users of Instagram is 13-years, but a report shows that many users are younger than the assigned age.

Instagram is the Google for searching billions of photos. Even a child can look for anything, whether it’s about Instagram celebrities or funny pictures or videos or an adult video. It clearly shows that the app is not safe for kids, however for adults; it’s a suitable app for sharing their photos and messaging others.

So, if you’re questioning yourself- is Instagram safe for the younger kids? It certainly isn’t.

How to secure Instagram account:

One should always keep their account secure, no matter what. You should still know how to secure Instagram account; otherwise, you might be the next prey for the hackers. However, I have shared five easy steps on how to secure your instagram account and keep it safe.

1. Use a secure password of at least six characters. That password you will be used should be different from your other passwords.
2. Change your password regularly if you can’t then change in a week.
3. Never share your password with anyone.
4. Use Two Factor Authentication for additional security.
5. Never use the third-party app.

These tips would help you in keeping your account more safe and secure.

Additional tips:
• Make your account private if you do not want to be followed by some random people. Putting your account into private mode will ensure that you could accept requests from those whom you know personally.
• Never accept requests from unknown users.
• Do not share your private information on Instagram
• Hide stories and live videos from particular people you do not want.


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