how to share facebook post on whatsapp
how to share facebook post on whatsapp

Facebook is currently working on a feature that can allow Facebook’s content to be shared on Whatsapp. At the moment, there’s no confirmation regarding this new feature from Facebook and Whatsapp; however, several beta users claimed to have been using this feature on their Facebook app. So, the question here rises- how to share facebook post on whatsApp once the feature rolls out to the public? Or, how to share facebook video on whatsapp?

How to share facebook post on whatsapp? how to share facebook videos on WhatsApp?

It is simple! Tap on the share button on facebook app, and you’ll see three options- ‘share now,’ ‘write post’ and ‘send in whatsapp.’ Click on the third option send in whatsapp from the share menu, and a link will be created. After the link is generated, you can share the Facebook content to any whatsapp contacts. That was the key as to how to share facebook post on whatsapp. To know the procedure as to how to share facebook video on whatsapp it is similar as to the Facebook post.

The ‘send in whatsapp’ feature will be same as the whatsapp share option that can be seen on every website now. However, this Facebook feature is to target businesses. This would allow products featured in Facebook’s commercial place to be shared on whatsapp easily,

Both Whatsapp and Facebook are allegedly adding features on their apps respectively to help businesses to extend reach. Furthermore, whatsapp will add ‘chat filters’ that would help the admins of Whatsapp business account to search messages faster. It would arrange users in groups, unread chats and broadcast categories. The admin will have to tap on the search bar to approach these filters.

This is similar to Instagram’s action button which aids businesses to bring chats of top customers directly to the inbox. With this feature available on whatsapp, businesses can anticipate having a reform and timely communication with their top and potential clients to deliver excellent service.

In February 2017, whatsapp had 700million monthly active users, which were purchased by Facebook for $20billion. so here we have 5 Whatsapp new feature you can’t miss.


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