igtv vs youtube battle

Instagram initially was only a photo-sharing app back in 2010; however, it incorporated ‘video’ feature in 2013. In its video feature, it enabled the users to upload short clips. Five years after making its first boost, the company is all set to take it to the next level with the commencement of IGTV. This will start an igtv vs youtube battle for sure. If you’re anticipating that this will be the end of youtube dominance, don’t be so sure; youtube downfall is not going to happen anytime soon.

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 The IGTV is an app that will depict vertical videos that could be of 1min- 60min long. The Instagram app will house a dedicated spot in the same place where you view stories and photos for the IGTV; just in case you would want to watch these videos. With singers and creators such as Fortnite champ Ninja and Lele Pons, it is evident that Instagram intends to attract internet celebrity like them to IGTV; even if they don’t get paid, just yet. We are not yet sure if this could lead towards the end of youtube dominance.

IGTV vs Youtube battle

However, Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom did speak to a group of reporters about availing monetization of IGTV in the future. Instagram could have been a severe threat to Youtube in the beginning as YouTubers are looking for replacements to Google’s Youtube. Youtube has consistently modified its advertising instructions, which is affecting the monetization of one’s channel. Last year, during an attempt to automatically demonetize offensive videos, the company ended up removing innocent creators’ revenue. However, they revised and fixed their mistakes after getting tons of complaints from Youtubers.

End of youtube dominance? No more youtube?

These consistent changes in Youtube’s monetization rules and algorithms have resulted in creators having a public breakdown and talked about going into the depression that leads to anxiety. The pressure of continuously producing new contents, at the same time worrying about whether their contents might end up infringing on the company’s guidelines, has grown to be an exhausting and painful experience. This could lead to youtube downfall or end of the youtube dominance if they stay put to these guidelines.  So, for the people who are making their living out of youtube, IGTV would be a great option.

end of youtube dominance

When it is about the igtv vs youtube battle, IGTV has opened doors for the creators to make money without any specialized tools. IGTV will have a benefit, and that is it will gain a billion users in day one itself because everyone who is an Instagram user could upload videos instantly. Though there is a standalone app, however, you can get the all the features in the main app as well by tapping on the IGTV icon.


Systrom stated in an interview with Engadget that Instagram has determined to allow people to decide how they would want to communicate with IGTV, rather than forcing them to download a separate app in order to use it.

IGTV might not have added monetization feature to pay the creators as of now; however, looking at the popularity of Instagram, the possibility is sufficient to keep them excited. It is probably not enough to threaten Youtube, so I see no reason for youtube downfall anytime soon. At least, not at this moment!



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