indian amazon sellers

On Tuesday, Indian amazon sellers have allegedly shipped $1 Billion goods and seen 56% increase in the number of local commercial sales to global markets. The company has further predicted that the exports by Indian amazon sellers by amazon India, would reach $5 Billion by 2023, under Amazon’s international selling programme.

Indian amazon sellers were transporting more than 140 million products on Amazon’s application and its site. Country head Amit Agarwal said to reporters in Bengaluru that with increasing sales it is anticipated to reach $5billion in the next 4 years.

indian amazon sellers

Amazon introduced its Global Selling Program in the year 2015. They initiated this program as part of its attempt in order to obtain more small- medium sized merchants on board. It is vital India to have a Vendor association, which is amongst the Seattle-based corporation’s top growth markets. Senior Vice president Amit Agarwal of Amazon India, asserted that they believe that increasing ‘Make in India’ trading would be an essential lever for India to develop.

The program focused at proffering vendors incorporating SMEs, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers with easy and suitable access in order to sell their products over global markets.

Gopal Pillai, vice president of the seller services stated that more than 80% of the current India’s amazon sellers came from small cities & towns. Amazon is in dispute with Walmart Inc’s Flipkart for fair share in the country whilst dealing with continuously Governments rules. In February, a new set of rules on e-commerce commenced a huge commotion on Amazon India’s website when products began disappearing from their virtual shelves for quite some time. Also Read:- Most Affordable Bluetooth Speakers on Amazon

Agarwal asserted that Amazon India was obedient wholly with government laws. The Indian Government has built considerable efforts in allowing the growth of e-commerce trading with its plans such as digital custom clearance process, opening foreign post offices all-over the country, and reduced exports documentation- he further stated.

Additionally, Amazon India helps the sellers on comprehending the demand designs in different countries and how to enhance their discoverability.

Amazon later in 2017, introduced a program called B2B marketplace Amazon business. The business aimed on the purchasing requisites of small and medium businesses, such as manufacturers, technology and service firms, schools, universities, and offices.

Amazon’s Global Selling program would obtain seller in front of 500 distinct companies as well as small-medium companies worldwide- stated by the Peeyush Nahar, Vice president of Amazon’s B2B marketplace, during its launch. Amazon has declared to offer pricing customisation tools, display company profile, lower fees on massive business transaction in main B2B categories, exhibit quality and variety certifications solely for the reporters.

indian amazon sellers

Amazon India’s arch-rival Flipkart has introduced its own international plan, as well, in 2017. This expansion came right after Amazon India purchased eBay India. as per a company’s statement during its launch- the Flipkart Global Program’ focuses to encourage ‘Made in India’ products, and particularly provide to Indian people that are living abroad.


Same year, sponsored by Alibaba PayTm mall has started its overseas operations in order to allow Indian and Chinese vendors to access the foreign buyers. Paytm stated in its Chinese ad that it has built an entire supply chain solution which would enable Chinese sellers to operate paytm’s network to communicate with the Indian consumers.


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