igtv long video app

Instagram has recently launched its new igtv long video app, wherein the video length has been extended. Now the users can upload videos that are more than 60 seconds, and the maximum size capacity of a file would be 3 gigabyte which is sufficient for any HD quality video. Let us find out what lies ahead in the instagram igtv feature 2018.

How new IGTV feature works? Why IGTV Is Instagram’s Bravest Update?

Instagram has a separate app for iOS and Android and could be used directly via the main Instagram app, where you can see the stories that might interest you. As of now, Instagram videos are limited to a length of 60 seconds. However, in the starting week of June, the journal from the Wall streets stated that the limit would soon be eliminated.

IGTV long video app. New insta feature 2018

end of youtube dominance

On 20th June, Instagram announced its igtv long video app at an event in the United States. Though it’s not evident whether it will comprise advertisements, or the users will get some revenue for posting videos just like Youtube in their igtv long video app.  Kevin Systrom announced that the igtv long video app would be exhibiting videos in vertical mode. He further added, saying people mostly use their phone in a vertical mode than in a horizontal manner. Technology expert, Alex Brinnand reported in an interview with TenEighty Magazine that the recently announced instagram igtv feature 2018 would make Instagram a supreme player in the social media platform. He also said that users should be calm and see what ability Instagram holds. Also Read:- How to become instafamous.

At present, users are only allowed to post video clips and photos through their mobile phones. However, with the igtv long video app, it enables a user to upload pictures and videos using a PC. After uploading your videos or pictures you will be provided with a link, and after that, you will have a channel on IGTV just like Youtube. When was Systrom asked about igtv vs Youtube battle, which one is best? He told that video contents on IGTV would be much emotional and intriguing.

Instagram igtv feature 2018. New insta feature 2018

The main difference between the two apps- Instagram and IGTV is that you can post your videos in portrait/vertical mode. This way you needn’t have to tilt your phone. You can search for any content while watching any video. Furthermore, there are several categories to choose from the instagram igtv feature 2018. There is another feature that is known as the ‘continue watching’ tab where you could watch previously played 4k video again if you have missed it prior due to any reason. Also Read:- Uber panic button. New Safety 

How to setup igtv channel

After downloading the app, you will see a ‘gear’ icon on the bottom right corner just above the channels of the igtv long video app. Click on create channel, and you’re done, you have just made a channel of yours. It is pretty simple, isn’t it?


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