interesting facts about steve jobs

Nobody can attain success without having to face struggles in their lives. Great people can never be defined by their success; it is the struggle that makes them ‘Great’ or should I say an ‘Icon.’ Amongst those names comes a name that revolutionized the tech industry with its brilliant mind- Steve jobs! The founder of Apple- cannot be forgotten by the people, half of the world’s population probably has an iPhone in their hands. Nothing could go wrong when it is Apple- of course, that’s the thought we have in our mind whenever we hear the name. However, no one knows what it took for Steve jobs to put his company where it is now. We are here with some interesting facts about Steve jobs that are equally inspiring and shocking at the same time.

interesting facts about steve jobs

Steve jobs biography

interesting facts about steve jobs

One question has always stuck my mind- why we still hear his name even after his death? Because he is a founder of APPLE company? Well, that is one reason, however, another reason being is that he was a college dropout. There are many interesting facts about Steve jobs, which makes him famous:

Many are born and dies, though only a few survives, even after they have passed away. He was put in an orphanage as soon he was born (on 24th February in San Francisco, US) as his mother wanted him to be adopted by a wealthy family, who could provide him a higher education.

Jobs many a time met his father, however, couldn’t recognize him as he never saw his father.

When Steve Jobs came to India, the Indian religion had a great impact on him, and gradually he adopted, well almost, adopted the religion of Buddhism. Other interesting facts about Steve jobs is that he actually started to believe in Buddhism. Also Read:- Nikola Tesla Statue That Provides Free WI-FI for Whole City

Steve jobs-education

Unlike the other parents Jobs parent could afford to provide him much of a comfortable life, though they managed to pay for his education. Steve’s entire childhood lapsed in conflict. So, he decided to do a job where he sold soft drink bottles. When he realized that his parents are struggling and sacrificing a lot for his study, he decided to drop out of college and embarked on a new journey of his life.

Another interesting facts about Steve Jobs is that at the age of 12, Steve Jobs hobbies as a kid was to tamper with computers and attempted to fix electronic things. Next thing we saw- he became a millionaire at the age of 25.

The nature of birth doesn’t escape – Steve jobs loved electronics till his last breath. He wasn’t fascinated with TVs which is why he announced that APPLE would never make a TV.

It might sound a bit odd, however, Jobs had to face difficulty in order to design its company’s logo. One day in the morning he was wandering in a garden and saw a half bitten apple, which became his inspiration to institute a logo for his company.

Another interesting facts about Steve jobs is that he had 300 patents, since he didn’t want anyone to replicate his product and features.  So he always protected his product.

He was very down to earth kind of person and comprehended the importance of relationships, that is the reason why he always made sure, people who were working for him, are satisfied in his company or not.

Why is Steve jobs important, even after his death?

He’s important because he is the one behind the creator of Pixer animation studios. That is not particularly the reason, he wanted to revolutionise the perception of animation movies, the way they were made. The outcome came out even better and gave us some of the successful movies in the past 2 decades that includes- Toy Story, Wall-E, The Incredibles and Up.

interesting facts about steve jobs

Ipod! Who could forget the infamous iPods by Steve jobs. When it was first introduced in October, 2001, it changed the whole game of listening to music. A device that is compact and mobile and fit in your hands and most important aspect to this device was that it could store songs upto 1000.

That might not thrill you now since the new generation iPod could hold upto 14,000 songs. Prior iPod, Sony Walkman used to be an infamous 90’s gadget that kept us glued to it until the iPod came into being.

When he first released his first Apple Macintosh PC in 1984 he classified the computer as insanely great. His words are now still being used by none other than Bill Gates- not to describe the computer, however, to illustrate the man behind its creation.

Today, Steve is being compared to great inventors & innovators such as Thomas Edison, Walt Disney and Henry Ford. Also Read:- Digital license plate in California.

interesting facts about steve jobs




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