facts that could save your life

One of the interesting facts about life is that only a few anticipate to encounter any danger in real life and other that’s left doesn’t bother to even think about it. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be prepared for it? What if there’s a zombie apocalypse, how’d survive that? Ok, that was way too exaggerating, but still, what if you do get caught in such situation, do you have the answer to every possible scenarios? Do you know there are some random life facts that could save your life?

Some of them could be funny, however, these funny interesting facts might save you from any distress situation out there.

Facts that could save your life

  1. How to escape riptide

If you feel being dragged out to sea, your natural instincts would tell you to battle against the tide swim towards the shore, however, this isn’t the best idea to save yourself from a riptide. You are likely to get exhausted very quickly.

The best method would be to swim parallel to the shore; this way you’re not going against the tide directly. Most riptides aren’t that extensive- swimming parallel to it might lead you to the shore. This could be a random one, however, these are one of the random life facts that could save your life.

  1. What to do in a fire?

I mean it’s obvious you’d call for a fire brigade upon such encounter. However, do you know it’s vital if you stay close to the ground, as you are most likely to be harmed by inhaling smoke than by flames themselves. So, if you are on the floor on your hands and knees crawling to escape you are far less likely to inhale smoke.

  1. Where people’s weak spots are

This is one of the most crucial facts that could save your life. If you’re being chased or attacked and need to hit someone, go for their private parts, eyes or ears; hitting them in these spots would really hurt your attacker and you’d get a chance to escape from the scene.

  1. Make a knife from a cigarette

In some emergencies you may need a knife, however, might not have one to hand. Do you know you could make a knife out of a cigarette? Light he filter and let it burn for a second, then wet your fingers and pinch the cigarettes at the end to make it flat. Now the fiberglass filter would be sharp, like really sharp!

Somethings have unexpected uses for everyday items.

Random life facts

  1. Escape a crocodile

This would be one of the random life facts that might save your life one day. The best way to escape a crocodile or an alligator would be to run in a zigzag manner. These reptiles have a hard time running this way.

  1. Jellyfish stings

Portuguese stings of war stings are specifically disgusting and they love to hang around in groups; sometimes 1,000 or more in the Atlantic, pacific and Indian Ocean. They have got massive tentacles which why it is important for you to know what to do after you have been stung by a jellyfish. The best way is to remove the remaining tentacle and wash the affected area with seawater. Consult a doctor though, if that doesn’t help. This doesn’t happen often though, however, it is better to stay alert with the help of knowing these random facts that could save your life.

  1. The Heimlich manoeuvre

This is probably more common occurrence and likely to happen anytime. If you find yourself choking one of these facts could save your life; if you’re choking in public and anticipating someone would come around and do the Heimlich manoeuvre, however, no one shows up and you’re your own saviour?

Well, good news is that you could give yourself the Heimlich manoeuvre, just stay calm and find a chair or a surface that sits near your stomach; push yourself against it firmly several times on a couple of inches above your naval.

  1. Don’t eat snow when you’re dehydrated

Many people believe that eating snow when you’re stranded in a freezing temperature is an apt option. That’s actually going to make the situation much worse. Eating snow would only drop your body temperature to the lowest, hence, you would waste most of your vital energy trying to heat up your body.

  1. Use trouser as a float

This trick is used by everyone from boy scouts to marines. If you find yourself struggling to keep afloat in deep water make your own life jacket out of your pants. Simply tie the trousers’ legs together then swing them over your head quickly capturing as much air as possible and then put them back into the water. Placing it around your neck would make it an effective float. and the must-read article: Why Failure is Good for Your Success? 

  1. How to hold your keys correctly

This is one of the random life facts. Many people don’t know how to make a proper use of their keys. Do you know, keys too, have its own attributes in times of need. If you are being followed one of the best weapons you likely to have on you is your keys.

Hold them firmly than that to enable you to apply proper pressure. It is best to hold the key holder or the end of the key firmly in your hand and just leave the pointy part sticking out. Practice on a pillow as if you’re attacking someone when being attacked and you’ll see what I was talking about.

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